How to make your Google Blogger Blog Private?

How to make your Google Blogger Blog Private?
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Most of the user divert on Google Blogger platform for it flexible features which is free to use. You can do almost anything in Blogger platform. A Blog site can be create for various purpose, but all site owner don’t want to publish their Blog publicly. There may be some personal matter and want to store on Blog privately which is not sharable by author. For this reason Google has added a beautiful feature that you can make your blog completely private. In this tutorial I will show your how to make your Blog Private? And without you nobody can visit your Blog.

Actually by enabling an option your blog will be restricted so that only you, I mean blog authors can read it. Here another thing note that, Blog Authors can see the private Blog. So if your Blog has multiple authors then they can visit your Blog. But if you are only user of your Blog then only you can enter into your site.

On the other hand, other visitors to this blog will not be able to enter and read any posts. Instead they will get a message stating that this is a private blog.

Step 1 Sign in to your Blogger Account and go to blogger dashboard

Step 2 From Blogger Dashboard Click on ->Settings -> Basic

Step 3 Find the ->Permissions and locate ->Blog Readers ->Public ->Edit

blog settings

Step 4 Now click on Private - Only blog authors radio button.

Step 5 And click on Save Changes button.

access restricted

Now check your Blog after sign out and see a new message is displaying that this blog is open to invited readers only. That means until sending invitations to Blog readers by Blog author nobody can access in this blog.

However if you want to make it public then it can be possible by following Step 3 from above, Just instead of Private select Public. That’s really easy to follow the tutorial and make your Blog public to private. Thank you. 
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