How to Find Your Google Blogger’s Blog ID Number?

How to Find Your Google Blogger’s Blog ID Number?
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Google Blogger user will be notice that your Blog is hosted on their server. But how Google identify the millions of Blog? This is very simple, because Google provide a unique ID number while a user creates their Blog. And Google recognize your blog by that ID number.

Usually this id number is not necessary for mass purpose but occasionally it requires for using some third-party widgets.  So in this tutorial I will show you how easily we can find out our Blog ID. Just follow the below steps-

Find Blog ID from Blogger Dashboard

First I will show you how to find the Blog id from Blogger Dashboard.

Step 1 Sign in to your Blogger Account and go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 From Blogger Dashboard locate the Browser’s address bar.

identity number

Step 3 You will see 19 digit id after blogID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. For example purpose here the X's represent your blog's ID. And It varies Blog to Blog.

So protect your Blog ID number and keep it secret. For your Blog safety and security you shouldn’t share the id number with others. In case of using third party widget use it carefully. Remember that your Blog ID will be visible to Blog author’s on Dashboard.

Find Blog ID from Page Source

We can also find the Blog Id from page source. For finding Blog ID from page source just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Visit your Blogger site

Step 2 Now from keyboard press Ctrl+U (Windows) or CMD+U (Mac). Now Blog source page will open.

Step 3 Now press Ctrl+F (Windows) or CMD+F (Mac) for opening search box and write 'blogId'. 

Instantly Browser will locate the Blog id. Remember that currently Blog id consist of 19 digits. So 

maybe late number of digit increase after increasing the Blog user.


Finding Blog ID is really super easy. I have shown you both methods. Still if you have any query about tutorial then you may comment below. 
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