How to Create a perfect Facebook Fan Page for your Blog?

How to Create a perfect Facebook Fan Page for your Blog
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Facebook fan page is essential for any Blog page. Because according to Facebook fan page many people judge the Blog popularity. On other hand people can easily communicate with particular site while using Facebook. There are over 830 millions of people actively using Facebook every day. So Facebook has become a good source of traffic for Blog or website. By sharing content on Facebook page we can easily divert traffic and also by promoting the page on Facebook we can increase our fan page easily.

However, as a Blog owner creating a Facebook fan page will be a wise decision for your Blog. But most of the Blog owner can’t create Facebook fan page perfectly. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a perfect Facebook fan page for your Blog. Before creating a Facebook  Fan page you must have an Facebook account first. By visiting below link and adding some simple information like your name, email address you can create your Facebook account.
Assume that you have created your Facebook account. And now Just follow the below steps for creating Facebook fan page.

Step 1 Log in to your Facebook Account and Go to link.

Step 2 Now you will see 6 different page classifications. You have to select
  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization, or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community
 brand or product

Different page required different information. You can see that required information from below.

page classification

Though we will create Fan page for our Blog so click on Brand or Product category.

Step 3 After clicking on Brand or Product category you will see 2 field appeared For selecting your Page category and another one is selecting appropriate name for your Fan Page. So under category choose Website and Write your page name similar to your Blog title. If not available change it little bit. After that click on Get Started button.

add website

Step 4 Now a new Set up page will appear from there fill up the About tab with appropriate information. Write short description, Add your website URL. Choose a unique Facebook web address write similar to your website title. After that Click on blue color Save Info button.

page setting

Step 5 Its time to set a profile picture. Though we are creating Fan page for our Blog so add your Blog or Website logo as profile picture. Remember that Profile picture should be minimum 180px X 180px. Under Profile Picture tab Just click on Upload from computer and select logo from your Hard drive. And click on blue color Next button for going to the next tab.  You can skip this step and add profile picture later.

profile picture

Step 6 Now Preferred Page Audience tab will open. This tab is generally for selecting specific audience according to their Region, age, Gender and Interest. Suppose your site is for specific country then you can write the country name and what will be the age range for your website.  As well as you can choose that is your page only for male or female or suitable for both.  Finally under Interest section select your right interest according to your website.  For Tutorial based Blog site Under Business and Industry -> Online -> Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, Website Development.  Or you can choose more. After that click on Blue color Save button.

select audiance

Step 7 Now you will land on your Facebook Fan Page. If you skip to add the profile image in Step 5 then add your profile image now by clicking on Add Photo option. Remember that I have mentioned before Profile picture should be minimum 180px X 180px. And click on Add a Cover option to add Facebook cover whose resolution should be minimum 851px width X 315px height. After uploading Cover click on blue color Save Changes button. Don’t worry you can change your Profile picture and Cover image later.

add logo and cover

That’s it you have successfully create a perfect Facebook Fan page for your Blog or Website. From my point of view create or choose cover page with light background and it should be clean and clear. Thus visitors will love after first sight.

perfect fan page

 I hope you have understood the tutorial and now able to create fan page your site. Thank you. 
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