How to Create an Ideal Facebook Group for Blog?

How to Create an Ideal Facebook Group for Blog?
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There are zillions of people are using Facebook for personal and professional purposes. But most of them unaware or less familiar about Facebook Group. But many Blog become success by using facebook page that has already brought big chunk of traffic and become popular soon.

However we should know what exactly Facebook Group? A Facebook Groups can be creating for close circle of people who share & keep in touch on Facebook. But the groups are varies by People’s tend to create them around things like:
  • Topics related group
  • Books (think of it like a book club) reading group
  • Business (sort of like an “insider’s club”) related internal group
  • To sell items locally
  • Exclusive membership site for a company
  • Support groups for supporting some specific product, nations, company etc.
In each Group people can invite others as a member and by joining on Facebook group people can share their thought and views with each other. For example—a Mobile site group can invite people who are interested about latest Smartphone. And they can share their opinion and user experience. Similarly in Blogger group we can share our problems while blogging.

So its sounds like amazing and both user and members will be benefited by creating Facebook group. In this content I will share how to create a Facebook Group?

Before proceed you must have an Facebook account, if you don’t have one just create it by visiting and providing some basic information after that follow the below steps-

Step 1 Log in to your Facebook Account and From your home page click on Manage Pages.

manage page

Step 2 Now go to the Groups section on the left side menu and click +Create Group.

create group

Step 3 Now Create New Group window will popup and fill up the form now by add a group name, add members and select the privacy settings for your group. After that click on blue color Create button to proceed to next step.

create new group

Privacy setting details. You can select Open, Closed and Secret. So have a look details about the options. 

secret group

Step 4 Now another popup window will appear to choose from a wide array of creative graphics for your icon/avatar and from there select an icon for your Facebook Group. But selecting icons bears no significance as far as Facebook is concerned. But if you have already created multiple group then you can select icon for easily identify the Group page.


Step 5 Instantly you will be redirected to your newly created Group.  Now we have few task to do for personalize the Group. Just click on Upload Photo button and upload Group cover. Remember that group cover must be minimum 851px X 315px size. And click on blue color Save Changes button. Your Group cover is set now.

personalize group

Step 6 Under Group Information click on Add a Description text link. And write about the aims and objectives of this group. After that click on blue color Save button.


Congratulation you have successfully created your Facebook Group for your Blog or website.  When you're done then you can invite people for joining in your Facebook Group.

I just created my Facebook Group for BloggerSpice so you can have a look for better view and you can join and share Blog related problems there.  Please visit our Facebook Group through below link-
Thank you.
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