How to Report to Google DMCA for Copied Content Removal Request

How to Report to Google DMCA for Copied Content Removal Request
Google DMCA

In Blogging career you would see many people or newbie just copy your blog content and republish it on their own Blog. But many Blog users ignore this and they think copied content won’t affect on ranking.  As a result they lose their ranking and traffic from search engine. Suppose you have just published a content in your Blog and within 5 minutes your content copied by other blogger and republished on their own Blog so search engine will give priority to both because both content has published on same day. Consequently you will see traffic flow in your content may be less than copied Blog.

So this is really harmful for your Blog. It takes longer time to produce a unique content but due to copy by other your hard work will be treat as wastage. So we must report to Google DMCA thus they remove the content from search engine as well as from Blog. However if any user using other blogging platform like WordPress, Tumbler and don’t comply with copied content removal request then don’t worry Google will remove that content from their search engine as a result they won’t receive any traffic. On the other hand, if Google receive several copyright infringements report against copied Blog then Google will banned that Blog from search engine.

Special note that don’t make any fake claim or complain, because if you do then your Blog will be penalize by Google for fake complain.

So in this tutorial I will show you about reporting to Google DMCA for Copied Content Removal Request. For example purpose I am showing your about my another Blog whose all content has copied by other Blog. Just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Go to link and sign in with your Google Account.

Step 2 Now click on Create a new notice link and copyright removal page will open.

create a new notice

Step 3 Now under Contact Information write your name, Blog name, Email address and your Country or region.

contact information

Step 4 This is the time to go through main thing. You have to fill YOUR COPYRIGHTED WORK field by up describing about your content. You can write few lines like below and your Content title-

Dear Sir/Madam Greetings from BDArena
March 2015 I have started my New Blog about Phone review, New and Specification in Blogger Platform. All of my content has written by me about Phone review, news and specifications and I have published those contents only for my Blog readers.  All of my content highly copyright protected but copied by another Blog. My copyright work given below-

‘’Sony Xperia E4 Dual SIM Review, Price and Specification’’

content title

Step 5 Now under where can we see an authorized example of the work? Mention your content link. If your multiple content copied then add one link or URL per line. You can add maximum 1000 URL under one group.

authorized example

Step 6 Now you have to add the copied link from copyright violator Blog. So under Location of infringing material add link one by one.

copyright violator blog

If you have multiple copyright infringement request then Click on Add a new group link from the bottom of the page.

Step 7 After that you have to put tick on SWORN STATEMENTS. This is just for confirmation that you have provided accurate information.

sworn statements

Step 8 Finally under SIGNATURE section write the current date of complain and in Signature field write your name similar to Contact information. And after writing Captcha click on Submit button.

A confirmation message will appear like and now go to removal dashboard to see your removal request to Google DMCA.

copyright violator

It will take certain period of time to remove that content and if Google receive complain then Google AdSense maybe disable within shortest period of time and after receiving 3 times complain Google will delete that Blog. Thanks you. 
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