How to Create or Assign and Delete Blogger Label?

How to Create or Assign and Delete Blogger Label?

In any blogging platform we create new post and assign that post under various Labels or categories. In different Platform post labeling name it various, for example: in Google Blogger platform call Label, Similarly in WordPress it call Category. But the task are same, which is labeling the post.  Google Blogger Platform Labels are a way to easily categorize your posts.

This tutorial I have written for newbie who just begin their blogging journey. So hopefully it will help them for more clear understanding.

For creating or assigning a Blog Label you have to create a new post first. And after complete the writing it’s time to label your Blog post.

How to create or assign Blogger Post Label?

When you're writing a Blog post then in post writing panel click Labels on right side under Post settings. Now write your desired label name. For example: You have written a Latest smartphone review. So you can label your post by Review label. Or if you want to name a Music album label you can write Dance.  Label is nothing just writing a suitable word for assign it under a category.

Blogger label

How to assign Blogger Post under multiple Label?

It is not necessary that assigning post under one label. You can assign your Blog post under multiple label. To enter multiple labels you have to separate them with commas. For example: Your Music album already labeled under Dance and you can also add another label like Music. Simply you have to add a comma (,) between multiple labels. Finally click on Done button under Labels writing box.

 post setting

Should we re-label or re-write label name per post?

Suppose you have labeled your post by various label but you may think you have to re-label or re-write label name per post, but this is not necessary. In Blogger Labels if you've used any Label name before then it will show up below of the Labels box like link. But you must be publish any post under those labels. So simply you can add label name by clicking on Label links and Blogger will add them to the post.

How to Delete a Blogger label?

If you think that you have mistakenly created a new label then don’t worry, because you can remove that label. After publishing a Blog post under new Label Blogger index it in the below of Labels box.

However to remove that label simply you have to Edit or enter into the post where you have created wrong label and click on click Labels from right side under Post settings. And Delete the label by using Backspace from your keypad. After that click on Done button and publish your post that’s it your label will no longer available, it will be automatically removed. But if you have used wrong label on multiple posts then you have to go through the same process again and again.


How to Rename and Replace Blogger Label?

Though many Blog user don’t know that they can easily Rename and Replace Blogging Label with new label. To do this you have to read my Tutorial that will guide you to Rename and Replace your Blogger Label. Please click on below tutorial link for gaining further knowledge about Rename and replace Blogger label safely.

If you have still any more query then feel free to drop your query in our comment box. Thank you.

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