Blogger Beginners: Proper use of optimized permalink in Google Blogger

Correct way to Optimize Permalinks in Blogger
blogger permalink

Blogger has first introduce permalink on 25th June 2012 and open a great opportunity for the blogger to divert traffic.  The main function of Permalink is that it will help you to change your post link. When we make a new post in Blog then it automatically generate a link for your post. And those who are new in blogging they may not noticed how badly your post link is displaying on Search Engine.

One of my published post Article is-
  • cPanel Management For Using Custom Domain in Blogger
And the link showing in Search Engine
So you can see the main scenario that the difference between Post title and post link that how they are showing in Search engine.

However you can change/alter your post link by using custom permalink option. Not only for changing the URL permalink best but also you can use keywords on your post links and that can make deep impact on your search traffic.

What is permalink?

The term permalink generally use to an individual blog post's link. According to wiki

"A permalink (portmanteau of permanent link) is a URL that points to a specific blog or forum entry after it has passed from the front page to the archives."

What is optimized permalink?

Though now we know what is permalink but little confused about optimized permalink. An optimized permalink is a blend of targeted keywords which will also  clarify the content of your post.

We can use long permalink but it after 30 character your link will be show with .dot .dot .dot and that's doesn't look good. In Search engine result page searcher may skip your content link only for poor permalink.

How to write a permalink?

We can write a permalink in different ways. If you want you can include your whole topic headline in permalink. But it won't be wise decision rather using whole topic use 3 or 4 keywords within 30 character.

In this post my real topic headline is- 
  • Blogger Beginners: Proper use of optimized permalink in Google Blogger
auto generated permalink

And Google Blogger has generated permalink automatically like above image. Where my total topic hasn't included in link and the total link doesn't mean anything.

For this reason, I will write later a custom permalink for this post by using 3 keywords like below.
  • accurate-blogger-permalink
In this example I have used 3 keywords for targeting traffic. So you can use relevant keywords on permalink. Though major search engine Google, Bing show first 30 character of post link so we should add only 3 words. And to write a permalink you must use special character dash (-) all the time to break words.

So for writing permalink in blogger post just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Go to and Sign in to your account

Step 2 From Blogger Dashboard go to -> New post  

Step 3 Now Under Post settings ->Permalink  and select Custom Permalink

customized permalink

Step 5 After write permalink with keywords press Done button.

Which character doesn't support permalink

While writing permalink you can't use any special characters there are some restriction. Most use  dash (-) but you can also use underscore (_).

Special characters that can't be use in permalink

  • ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) = + ` ? ; ' " : / | \ [] . , etc.
  • Space
  • ASCII characters

Special characters that are accepted in writing permalink

  • dash (-)
  • underscore (_) (underscore is not SEO friendly, so avoid using this special character)

How to change published post's permalink in Blogger?

I know that you are thinking that you have already published many post without generating custom permalink. Now what to do? Don't worry you can easily change your published post's permalink in blogger. For the changing of permalink just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Go to and Sign in to your account

Step 2 From Blogger Dashboard go to ->Posts  Now click on Check box beside of any post that you want to change the permalink.

permalink setup

Step 3 Now click on Revert to draft button and click on Edit button to enter into the post.

Step 4 Now Under Post settings ->Permalink  and select Custom Permalink


Step 5 After write permalink with keywords press Done button.

Hope this article will help you to create permalink proper way. However if you have any query regard this then feel free to leave a comment or contact with me.

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  1. Unknown
    I have some problems in my blog 1 how to put blogger comment box below the end of the post and then followed by related articles.

    2and how to make my blog description to be visible to the search engine when some one search it because i have add it but when you search through Google it become Facebook page instead of blog please help me.
    • BloggerSpice
      First find the Comment-footer code in your template then after the code block paste the related post's code.

      Secondly for visibility of description go to Blogger Dashboard ->Settings ->Search preferences

      Now you will find Description under Meta tags. So Edit the Description and write your blog description. You can write description up to 150 characters.
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