What strongest SEO integrated options provided by Google Blogger

What strongest SEO integrated options provided by Google Blogger
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New blogger often think about which platform is better for starting their blogging career. Specially most of them emphasize on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to grow their blog wisely. There are a widely acceptable concept that WordPress blog is best for SEO than Google Blogger platform. When I have started blogging then I believe on that because WordPress providing some paid exceptional SEO pack. But when I dive deep into blogging platform then I have understood Google blogger is more powerful than WordPress SEO. You would see there are top leading blogger using Google blogger platform, and most surprisingly 2nd largest social media Twitter Is using Google blogging Platform. So I would provide you some simple and strongest SEO integrated options by Google blogger which made excelin the field of blogging platform. In addition you don’t have to pay any single penny to install any SEO pack on blogger platform. I can assure you that Google blogger is world’s leading blogging platform if you are just doing spontaneous blogging.

Distinct Search Description for each Blog Posts

This is a strongest SEO option which is intergraded with blogger. You can write distinct search description for each and every blog post which make your blog post more SEO friendly. If you are using Google default search box on your blog then if your visitor search something through search box then they would see many result based on your content. So if you write separate search description for each blog post then this search result would show more rich way in search result. But if you don’t write anything on search description then search engine automatically select a search description according to your content. However it would be a wise decision to write little different and related description for your blog posts as a result it will display the search result differently.

Suppose your blog post is ‘’What is Google Blogging platform’’ and you can write on search description box, ‘’How to do Google blogging’’ this is a best way to tailor search description. Now a question may come into your mind that why to write different search description?

Search Description

The answer is very simple. Every visitors search query is not same. One visitor can search what is Google blogging platform and others may make search query How to do Google blogging?Though both topic are relatively same so in Search result page it would display the same topic due to different search query. This is the main benefit of Distinct Search Description for each Blog Posts and you would able to divert more traffic into your blog through search engine.

Custom Permalink for Manipulate traffic

To generate organic traffic you must use custom permalink which has already integrated on Google blogger. This is a fantastic SEO option on Google blogger. You can write keywords or different post title rather using same title of your blog content.

If you don’t use separate custom Permalink then Google blogger will automatically select one according to your blog post title. I would say this is a strongest SEO option because it can manipulate traffic to divert into your blog. So you have got another option to divert traffic by same post. Previously I have said use different title on Post title and Search description, and finally by using custom permalink you would able to make 3 different title for same blog post which will help you to divert traffic from all possible way according to their search query.

 Custom Permalink

Custom Redirects Functionality

If your blog page has got Page rank then you can use 301 Permanent redirect to transfer the rank juice. Suppose one of your blog content what is Google blogging platform got rank and now you need to update this content to How to do Google bloggingfor changing some new options or functionality, so you can easily change your URL permanently by your 301 Permanent redirect. The most benefit of this you can transfer your Page rank easily and you can redirect to any page instantly. To use 301 Permanent redirect follow the simple steps-

Step 1 Go to Setting tab.

Step 2 Click on Search Preference.

Step 3 Now put your link on Custom Redirects by click on Edit.

Custom Redirect

Custom Page Not Found (Error 404 Page)

The best medicine for broken link is error 404 page. Suppose a visitor’s try to navigate on your blog content from search engine, but if this particular link is already broken then it would display some error message which contain link not found. But if you don’t set any custom error 404 page then visitors may not like this page because it often display like user unfriendly. So you can set custom 404 error page which can tailor by different design and option. This is also better for SEO. To set customize error 404 page follow the simple steps from below-

Step 1 Go to Setting tab.

Step 2 Click on Search Preference.

Step 3 Now put your link on Custom Page Not Found by click on Edit.

Errors and redirect

Concluding Remark

From the above discussion we can understand Google blogger is a straight forward about SEO. You don’t have to install any plug-ins or patch like wordpress that can be hacked easily. Using simple and strongest integrated SEO facilities from Google blogger your blog can become excel in search engine and able to get higher rank. 
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