How to receive AdSense revenue directly into your Bank Account?

How to receive AdSense revenue directly into your Bank Account?
wire transfer

AdSense account holder always face problem at the pay-out time. Because those who are living in some countries where PayPal is not operating then have to depend on receiving Check from Google. And after sending a check it takes almost 14 days to 1 month to receive by AdSense account holder. And after that if you submit the check on your bank then it takes over15 days to make it cash. So ultimately you are the sufferer. Because to complete all the process it takes at least 2 months to get cash on hand from Google.

Now Google has brought the solution of this issue by providing wire transfer service. As a result you can get payment directly on your Bank account. That’s make the AdSense hassle free. And to get your AdSense revenue just you have to change your Payment setting. So I will explain here that how you can set payment in our AdSense account to receive revenue directly into your Bank Account.

Step 1 Go to AdSense account login page and Sign in there

Step 2 Under Home menu go through Payments ->Payment Settings

payment setting

Step 3 Now click on Add new form of Payment button and write your Bank account details like Account holder name, Bank name, SWIFT or BIC code, Account number.

bank details

Step 4 At the bottom of the page click on checkbox where written Set this form of payment as Primary.


Step 5 Finally click on Save button.

Now you would see 2 available payment option in your Google AdSense account. Though you have choses wire transfer so it will be primary forms of payment and Google will send you the payment directly into your Bank account.

wire transfer

However don’t worry you can change setting before pay out. You can chose either wire transfer or check delivery option.

Hope the instruction will help you to pay out from Google at your convenience way. Regarding any query or further help feel free to leave comment below. 
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