How to enable Popup and Full Page comment box in Blog?

popup comment

Google has brought some variation in Blogger Comment Box. Old user of Google comment box have already seen the changes. Now you can open Blogger default comment box in a Pop up window or you would able to display your comment box in a new page. Actually this option widely used for saving space. Some Blogger think that Blogger default comment box outlooks are not good for this reason they hide the comment box from comment section but when readers can easily make comment. As a result, Blogger default comment box won't occupy the space below the post where you can also place ads or any other widget.

However you have two options to provide commentator for making comment either popup comment box or Full Page comment section. Under full page comment section your comment box will appear in a separate page. don't worry that for activating those option you have to add extra code block rather you can enable those options by using Blogger Setting option.  So let's proceed to the tutorial that how we can activate Popup Comment box and full page comment section in Google Blogger.

Blogger comment

Step 1 Go to and Sign in to your account

Step 2 From Blogger Dashboard go to ->Settings ->Posts and comments

posts and comments

Step 3 Now Under Comments you would see Comment Location with Drop Down Option. Click on there and select Full page or Popup Window.

comment setting

Step 4 Finally click on Save Changes button from top right corner of the screen.

Now you can see your blog comment section that it is displaying Post a comment link. In Blogger default template the comment link will display like below image.

no comment

If you use any custom template then it will look differently. In my template it is displaying like below image. 
no comment

For making comment just you have to click on the link and a popup window will appear with comment box or if you have chosen Full page then your comment box will appear in separate page in new window.

So if you have any query regards this tutorial then feel free to leave a comment below. And stay tune for more Beginners tutorial. 


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