How to Install WordPress with Softaculous Apps Installer?

WordPress Beginners: How to Install WordPress with Softaculous Apps Installer?
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If you would like to install WordPress manually then you can use cPanel. After buying hosting space you will get your cPanel username and password for further use. Generally we have to use cPanel for installing anything manually. And most of the hosting  service provider offer different script to install WordPress easily. But the most popular and almost all hosting service provider use Softaculous Apps Installer to install WordPress.

It may seems to you bit complicated but I will explain it in very simple way. I am assuming that you have purchased Hosting space for your WodPress Blog and got cPanel username and password. So now follow the below steps for installing WorPress on your Hosting site.

Step 1 Go to your cPanel login page and sign in there

Step 2 Now find the Softaculous Apps Installer section..

apps installer

Step 3 Under Scripts you will see WordPress Icon and now click on the icon.

Step 4 You will directed to Install Page and now click on Install Button.


Step 5 Now you have to fill up the setup form one by one. First fill up Software Setup. You don't have to choose protocol. Just select domain if you have more than one domain on your cPanel. In the Directory it will automatically display. All directory will display public_html path. Finally you can simply give a Database Name.

software setting

Step 6 Don't change anything in Database setting. In Site setting simply write your Site name and 

Site Description. And if you have multiple site then you can enable multiple site by click on check 


database settings

Step 7 Write Admin Username, Admin Password and Admin Email address under Admin 

Account setting. Remember that you can set your email later so just write  

admin account

Step 8 In this step you can select language and Plugin. By default your language would be English 

and you can easily install plugins later.

language setting

Step 9 Finally write your current email address in Email installation details to field press the Install 


backup rotation

Step 10 It will take few minutes to complete the installation and After installation your username, 

password details will go in your current given email address.

installation progress

Now you can enter into your WordPress Dashboard by using your User Name and Password. Hope this tutorial will help you to install WordPress easily with Softaculous Apps Installer. If you have any query then feel free to leave comment below.
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