How to Disable, Enable and Show, Hide existing Comments on specific Post and Page?

Blogger Beginners: How to Disable, Enable and Show, Hide existing Comments on specific Post and Page?
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Comments is an important factor for any Blog. Because by making comment readers can interact with author or webmaster easily or visitors can express their opinion instantly. In Google Blogger platform visitors or readers can leave comment in every Blog posts and Static pages. But if any webmaster wish to disable or close comment section on specific page then they can do it. And this option we often use for various reason. Suppose in our contact us page if we use contact form then we don't need to enable comment section, because potential visitors can contact with author through contact form. Beside of this there are some static page where we include different tools and I think we should not user comment option for those pages. Beside of this there are some reason that we should disable comments.
  • There are some Static pages like about author, privacy policy, Disclaimer etc pages don’t required comments from readers.
  • Blog Post that already got huge comments then we can select show existing comments only.
  • There are some post like Forum list, social media site list or do-follow blog list  generally get huge spam through comments so in this case we can disable comments to resist spam.
In Blogger we have this opportunity to enable and disable comments on specific Post and Page. So in this Tutorial I will show you how easily we can disable comments on posts and pages. By default comment will be active on every posts and pages. So for disabling comments please follow the below steps-

Step 1 Go to and Sign in to your account

Step 2 From Blogger Dashboard enter into specific post or any static page where you want to disable or hide comment.

Step 3 now you would see at the right sidebar of writing panel or post editor Post Settings Option.

Step 4 Under Post Settings->Readers comments Post select Don't Allow, Show Existing or Don't Allow, Hide Existing

comment options

Step 5 And finally press on Done button. And check your selected post or page for seeing the effect. Your Blogger comment box is not visible.

Remember that if you wish to again enable comment on those posts and pages where you have disabled comment then simply select Allow option Under Post Settings->Readers comments And press on Done button. Your comment box will visible again. If you have any query then feel free to leave a comment below. And for more tutorial stay tune. 
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