WordPress Beginners: How to Set Default Avatar on WordPress Blog?

WordPress Beginners: How to Set Default Avatar on WordPress Blog?
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When we make a comment on others blog especially on WordPress Blog then it doesn’t show our photo or image on commentator’s avatar section. But if you are a Google Blogger user and making comment on other Google blog site with your account then you would able to see your image on commentator avatar holder. It is possible because you have added your image on your blogger account. But in case of WordPress blog if you make comment then it won’t display your image. So we have to add avatar first then if we make comment then our image will display on avatar container. In case of WordPress we can use different avatar like,
  • Mystery Man
  • Gravatar Logo
  • Identicon
  • Wavatar
  • MonsterID
  • Retro
Which will appear when we make comment on other WordPress Blog. But before commenting you have to sign in to your WordPress account.

However by default WordPress will show an avatar those who make comment without sign in or signed up for avatar. This avatar called Mystery Man. Those who are not using WordPress they can also register for Gravatar on WordPress.com and whenever you make a comment then just use your email address which is associate with your WordPress account.

Webmaster use avatar for different purposes. Mostly people are using this for increase identity. Whatever now I will share tutorial that how easily we can use avatar.

Step 1 Go To http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/ and Sign in to your account

Step 2 Now go to WordPress Dashboard and then click on Setting ->Discussion


Step 3 Now under Avatars select any avatar logo Mystery Man, Gravatar Logo, Identicon, Wavatar, MonsterID or Retro.


Step 4 Finally Click on Save Changes button.

This is the way you can select avatar on WordPress. If you have any confusion then feel free to leave a comment. 
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