Limitations and boundaries of Google Blogger

Limitations Google Blogger

Blogger is the best free platform which is ideal for every newbie. This is the only platform which is providing huge facilities without any restrictions. Though all things are free but has some limitations that should know every blogger. After registering with Google blogger a single account able to get several facility by with limits, those are as follows-

Number of Blogs per account

After registering with Google Blogger account you can create maximum 100 Blogs per account. So this is enough for a blogger. This is rare that a blogger has created 100 blogs under one account.

Number of Posts

You can create and publish unlimited posts and there has not any limitation. This is a great advantage of Google blogger.

Number of Static Page

You can create maximum 20 static page in one blog. So if you need more then you have nothing to do. Basically static page use for About author, Advertisement, Different policy, Tools and many more.

Size of per Posts

Blogger post size has no limit. You can add unlimited pictures and videos but it often hindrance for readers, because blog post with large image and videos increase loading time.

Size of Blogger Front Pages and achieve page

There are also limitation on Blogger front and achieve page. The total maximum size of the
Individual pages are limited to 1 MB in size. If you exceed the limit then you will see an error message saying "006 Please contact Blogger Support." In this case you have to remove extra posts links from home page.

Number of Comments per posts

There has not any limitations on comment. A blog post can have unlimited number of comments.

Number of Pictures

Google Blog post has upload images up to 1 GB of total storage and all the image will stored and shared on Picasa Web. However if you connected with Google plus then you will get 15GB storage space for image store and share.

Size of Pictures for blog post

Picture size on Blog post hasn’t any limitation but if you use smartphone for publishing your blog posts then the pictures limit is 250 Kilobyte per picture.

Blog users

Team Members or authors of the blog

Team members means authors of the blog. We can add and run blog by multiple author but there is a limit of 100 members or author per blog.

Number of Labels per blog and individual post

We can create up to 2000 unique labels under a blog. You can publish a post under multiple labels butno more than 20 labels per post.

Blog Description or Meta Description

Blog description means Meta description which has limitations. You can write description within 500 characters.

"About Me" Profile Information

For writing about me or about author you can use maximum of 1,200 characters.

Profile Interests and Favorites

If you like to express interests and favorites on your profile then you can write up to maximum of 2,000 characters in each field.

So those are the limitation and boundaries of Google blogger account. If you fill exceeded the limitation then you won’t able to create any posts. In this case you may delete unnecessary posts and images for publishing new posts. In addition there are a biggest limitation that Blogger can delete your blog anytime without any giving any prior notification.

How to use Google blog if all storage space used?

This a question that how we can use then? In this case my suggestion is delete your images from posts and upload those on third party image hosting server like photobucket, Image shark etc. Because mostly Image occupy the space so if you can transfer the images on third party image server then you can free room for your blog posts. And don’t upload video on your blog directly. Host it on any third party site like YouTube, Vimo etc.

Beside of this alternative way you can simply transfer your blog into WodPress platform. Because there you can purchase space according to your need. 
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