WordPress Beginners: Install WordPress Plugin By Using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Install WordPress Plugin By Using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
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I have share a tutorial before about installing WordPress Plugin by using Dashboard and now I am going to share another tutorial that how we can install WordPress Plugin by using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Which is also known as automatic procedure for transferring a file on server. 

Why we should use FTP Client?

There are sometime problem occur when we upload WordPress Plugin through dashboard. Because using FTP client is very easy and automatic procedure to install WordPress Plugin. Beside of this there are some special reason that we must use FTP. Those are as follows-
  • Uploading larger file through FTP is very easy and without any error you can upload it.
  • If you accidently uploaded incompatible theme and plugins then you won’t able to sign in to your WordPress account then FTP client can be used to solve the problem. Because you can delete the incompatible theme and plugins by FTP.
  • If your WordPress admin panel stuck for wrong coding then by using FTP client you can edit and fix the code.

There are many Paid and free FTP client available over the net. But among them Filezilla is best because it worked almost with all operating system. So my recommendation is to use Filezilla for upload any theme and plugin.

How to use FileZilla for Plugin Upload?

Before proceed you must setup FTP client for uploading files. I have mentioned that the best FTP client for uploading plugin is Filezilla. You can easily download this software from any software downloading site with free of cost. Or You can download it from https://filezilla-project.org/.


I assume that you have downloaded Filezila and installed in your PC. In addition you have to download the plugin before upload on WordPress. Now open the Filezila and connect it with it. For connecting you must provide three information. Such as-
  • Host Name: Simply write your host name of your server. Most of the time it is FTP.yourdomain.com (e.g. ftp.bloggerspice.com)
  • Username: Username of your cPanel (e.g. Admin or your registered name)
  • Password: Password of your cPanel that provided on regitrat

After connecting with FTP server through Filezilla just you have to drag and drop Plugin file which you want to install. You Plugin file will be located on /wp-content/plugins/.
Hope you have downloaded the plugin file and unzip the file. In FTP client interface you will see 4 windows at a time. Left window will display your file from PC and right site will server file. Just drag the file from lower left window to lower right plugin folder. It will take some time to upload.
You can locate plugin folder by go through  public_html ->yourdomain.com ->wp-content->plugins
Hope you have successfully uploaded the plugins. 

How to Activate the Uploaded Plugins?

For activating the plugin you must go to WordPress dashboard. For activating just follow the below step-
Step 1 Go to WordPress Dashboard->Plugins
Step 2 Now click on ->Installed Plugins-> active the plugin
If you face any problem then feel free to interact through commenting. I will help you to solve your problem.
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