Secret Recipe to Grow a New Blog Quickly

The One Secret to Growing a Blog Quickly (Really Quickly). This is sometimes a difficult point for new bloggers: if I have to grow before I can connect with them so that I can grow, how the hell do I do that? 5Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners
After Introduce of Computer people become addicted to that, then when internet become available people become addicted and similarly after introducing Blog people become addicted. Blogging is now like a mania. Whoever able to run blog or not everybody creating blog every day. 

Recently 100+ millions blog are running with numerous expert or inexpert blogger. From my point of view currently most growing platform over the net is blogging. But this is absolutely true that more than 80% blogger give up after a certain period due to some logical or illogical reason. 

Some blogger create blog only for making money and after a certain period of time they fail and lose patient ultimately they stop blogging, some student who do blog but after entering into professional life they quiet. Likewise, there are many reason that blogger give up at the middle of the blogging career.

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But the major reason to give up from blogging is that blog is not growing. So I have summarize some ideas from my personal experience that must apply to grow up your new blog rapidly like magic. But keep in mind only one thing that I want your patient to get the outcome. 

#1: Increase your posting frequency

Most important thing to grow a new blog is post frequency. If you make new post regularly then your readers will engage with your blog repeatedly. Suppose you are expecting returning visitor into your blog but your blog is updating twice or thrice a week then your visitors won’t visit daily. Because your visitors don’t like to read same thing every day. 

Your blog is not like a handbook that visitors will memorize, rather they prefer new fresh content regularly. As a new blog try to make at least 2 or 3 post per day. But don’t post several post at a time. If you have posted one post in morning then go for other one at the evening. This is proven theory by myself that I follow on my blog. 

#2: Guest post on Higher Rank Blogs

I believe you have heard about online reputation this means creating an image over the net. If your reputation is higher then you would be able to grow your blog rapidly. Now question is how we can increase our online reputation? The simple answer is Guest Blogging or posting.

If you can write well then write for others blog to make an online image but write for same niche that will help you reach a wider audience. This is like exchange something with each other, you will write quality content for higher rank blog in exchange guest post publisher blog will provide you backlinks as well as show up your work to thousands of audience.

If your article can impress visitors then they would feel interest to visit your blog. In addition your online image will grow up with your new blog. As a result will receive new visitors daily which can convert into loyal readers and returning visitors.

I think you have heard about Freelance writer, most of the freelance writer adopt this strategy. They write 50 or 100 articles for other blog to build up their online reputation and ultimately they show their works to their clients to get job. 

In a word Guest blogging is a dominant tool for growing your blog and forexpansion of more exposure.

#3:  Proper SEO practice for Search Engine visibility

If you are writing post frequently and doing Guest blogging, even you are not getting your desire traffic. In this case you case you must confirm that your blog is not properly practicing latest SEO. Because only proper SEO practice can increase your search engine visibility. Even you can increase visibility on search engine by following some basic SEO rules. Such as, Meta description, Title tag optimization, Search Engine and Directory submission and Pinging your site. 

  • Meta description is very important because it represent your site to search engine as well as visitors from Search engine can easily understand what your actual blog niche. 
  • Title tag optimization is another important factor to grow your blog rapidly. I have discuss about this that it is better to use some keywords with your blog title. Suppose my blog name is BloggerSpice but I have added some keywords with it such as ‘’Blogger Spice - Blogger Tips, Tricks and SEO’’ 
  • Search engine and Directory submission is another biggest factor to grow your blog. You should index your content through various search engine. You can submit your blog to Google, Bing/Yahoo. Domoz etc. 
  • Pinging is another important factor. Your blog should ping twice a week, it will help the search engine that your blog has updated. But you should Ping your blog after making new post only otherwise your blog may banned by search engine. 
Remember almost 80% visitors come from search engine and 20% from others sources. 

#4: Connecting with social media sites

If you are planning to divert visitors from all over the world then you must involve with social media sites. Simply you can connect with those site by registering. And after registering create your blog profile and start interact with member of the respective social media sites. 

Another benefit of registering with social media site that you would get backlink very easily from that sites. There are millions of user in various social media sites if you can divert them into your blog then your blog will grow quickly. 

You will find more than 100 social media site but all are not effective, however at least connect with major higher ranked social media site to grow your new blog.

#5: Comment on other blogs

There is no any alternative of Commenting to grow a new blog rapidly. At the initial stage your blog is not known by others and Search engine give lower priority because you have few post. So by commenting on others blog you can introduce your blog with others. Whenever a visitor will visit that blog and find your comment interesting then they may click to visit your blog. 

There is another advantage of commenting that you will gain backlinks rapidly, I have found a new blog which has gained 200 backlinks within 3 month only by commenting on others blog. 

But most of the blog’s comment section is now no-follow but you can choose CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enable blog to get Do-follow backlink which may create a strong impact on your Google Page rank. And also remember that No-follow backlinks still have some weight on SEO.

Concluding Remark

The above ways can easily grow your new blog rapidly even those blog who is not growing after contribution longer time then don’t be frustrated and don’t give up try to follow the above recipes and make your blog grow in to your niche. And after adopting these recipes share with our readers about your experience.
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