How To Publish Blog Post When you Travel or in Exam Hall?

How To schedule a Post in Google Blogger

schedule post for Google Blogger

Blog post publishing is monotonous work so you have to do this work constantly. If you have time or not you have to keep posting to hold your readers with you. Daily blog publishing is immensely need to grow your blog. Suppose you will travel for 1 week then how you can publish post? Sometime in travelled area we won’t get any internet access or sometime we have different long time vacation or religious festival like Eid, Puja or Christmas day or Exam. At that time we don’t get enough time to make any post to keep running our blog. Even if you are running your blog with multiple author you won’t be able to update blog. So we have to think for any alternative. 

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Blogger has given this opportunity from the beginning through an option, known as schedule update. Though this is a simple option but we can utilize this option when we travel or on vacation. When you planning to travel then easily you can update your blog. For this update you have to write some post earlier before you leave for vacation or any other occasions and you can publish it according to your desire time.

Suppose you have written 7 articles for publishing in your blog within 7 days. Now put the articles on seven separate post by using New Post option. Under Sidebar you will find Schedule update and you have to select your post publish date and time. And see within your schedule time your posts are publishing. Even your visitors won’t notice that you are out of town. So I am going to explain below step by step below with graphical representation.

How to schedule a blogger post in blogger?

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 From Blogger Dashboard click on  -> New Post 

Step 3 Now Click on  Post Settings-> Schedule from Right Side Bar

blog update

Step 4: Select Set Date and Time Radio. and Choose Schedule Time  and Date

auto post

Step 5 And Press on  "Publish post". At this point, your blog post will go into a queue and will not appear until the scheduled date and time. 

Step 6 Now see you schedule Post Under All Post. It has written Scheduled and when the exact time and date will  then it will publish. 

schedule update

Though you are away from your blog but you should announce or give notice to your readers that you have activate schedule publish otherwise any visitors can make comments but if they don't get reply then they may leave your blog forever. Hope this article will help you to solve your problem when you travel and in exam hall. 

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