16 Tips to Improve Your Vacation Rental Website Traffic and ROI Growth

Create and get more reservations for your holiday rental website. 16 ways to boost bookings and benefits for holiday rentals.

Using an online platform to promote your website is one of the best decisions you can make. You can attract people from all over the world just by having a website. This can help increase the bookings for your vacation rental by a great deal.

The biggest problem faced by those before the internet was how to get customers to stay at your rental if they do not know it exists. However, with the introduction of the internet, messages travel fast.

This makes news on the other side of the world easily accessible. However, growing your website is important.

After you create your vacation rental website, you must work on increasing the traffic to your website. This will help it rise in the search engine, making it easier for users to find the website.

16 Tips to Improve Your Vacation Rental Website Traffic and ROI Growth

16 Tips to Increase Your Vacation Rental Website Traffic

If you are confused about how you can do this, fear not, for we have some tips and tricks to help you.

1. Design Your Website Using Professionals

You must invest in the website. This is a great marketing tool, and if you utilize it to the fullest, it will give you great returns. Creating a website should be your priority.

When you design it, make sure to take your time and design it with the help of professionals who are trained in this aspect. They will know how to bring in more traffic and be aware of users' preferences.

2. Make Sure the Website is User and Mobile Friendly

Making the website user and mobile-friendly is very important. The content should have the simple language to make it easier for the user to understand. It should also be precise and not contain cramped up content, which is difficult to read.

The website should be able to open up on a mobile phone since not everyone uses a laptop. Since mobile phones are more convenient to use, most users prefer to look at websites this way. Making it mobile-friendly will make it easier for the customer to use the website.

3. Your Website Should Be Able to Translate Different Languages

Since you are trying to promote a vocational home, your target audience will not be local. Rather, it will be people from other states and countries. A huge barrier that people face when looking at websites is the inability to understand the language clearly.

If your website translates to different languages, you will have people worldwide who will be able to access your website. This will increase the number of people who can visit your website, which will increase the traffic your website will get.

4. Grow Your Email List

Make sure to have an email list when you start a website. This will make the people in your email list receive updates and offers that you provide directly through the mail.

This is simple and cost-efficient. It is extremely beneficial for the consumers since they do not have to go to the website to constantly keep checking.

This will also help you circulate news more simply. The longer your email list is, the more users will be aware of the website's updates. Keep an email list and provide a way for customers to get automatic updates and news.

5. Start a Campaign on Social Networking Channels

Social media is the biggest tool you could use for marketing. Especially in the current years, it has become extremely popular and has millions and millions of users. You could also use this to its fullest potential if you know how to do so.

Starting a campaign sounds difficult but when you get it right, it is quite easy. Invest in your campaign. Do the research and find ways through which you could attract users to your website.

Even if they are not interested in your vacation rental and go to your website, the traffic to your website would still increase, which is beneficial.

6. Offer a Free Stay at Day or Night

One of the most common ways to attract people to stay at a vacation rental is by giving them great deals. Until you have a lot of traffic on your website, it is a great idea to give out a free stay day or night.

This would bring a great deal of traffic to your website. This will make people feel like they are signing a great deal, and it would also have them spread the message about it.

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7. Run a Vacation Rental Special Offer

Offers are the best form of attracting customers. People are always more inclined to get things that they feel have more value than the price paid. One very common example is giveaways.

You could offer various offers like 20% off or a free gift for your stay. You could also hold different events for which the customer would get a free stay if they won.

You could create the games so that they would have to bring other participants as well. This will make the customer happy and bring in more traffic to your website.

8. Build Trust By Publishing Credibility Badges and Hospitality Awards

If you have different awards and badges that have been given to you, make sure to publish them on the website. If you do not have any of these, try to find out more on how you could get them.

If users see that you have different awards and badges, they will begin to trust you more. This will also increase their expectations for the place.

It will also improve your overall credibility as users will begin to make their decisions based on this. It will also improve the reputation of your vacation rental.

9. Make a Vacation Rental Blog

Blogs are a thing of the present and the future. It has begun to attract a large audience and is a great way to promote yourself. People enjoy reading blogs. Start writing a vacation rental blog that is friendly and upbeat.

Make sure that the readers are interested in the content. Use light language and make jokes. Use it to describe your location and fun things you could do there.

Show the different activities that your previous customers have done in the locality. Show different food, tourist spots to attract a larger audience.

10. Always Use Updated Property Description and Photos

Keep updating the pictures and the property description as you change it. This is because the users heavily rely on these aspects of the website to influence their decisions. If you change the property and renovate it, you need to update those pictures.

If you do not do this, the user will expect the property to look like it had, and this will hold a black mark for you. Whenever you change the property, change the information on the website as well.

11. List Your Properties on Popular Marketing Channels

Something that has become rather popular now is marketing channels. What these do is bring together similar businesses and enlist their benefits and advantages.

Many people rely on these for booking their vacation as it brings in similar data under the same roof.

If you listed your property in one of these channels, the users would find them easier and bring in a bigger audience to see. This will increase the traffic to your site.

12. Serve Better on Amenities Where Guests Are Eager to Pay More

One of the most popular amenities that almost all guests utilize is food and room service. If you make the food at your vacation home delicious, the customer will be more prone to spend more on that.

This is extremely beneficial since you can make a much larger profit. Another amenity that you could profit from is tour guidance. The people who usually reside in your vacation rental are there for vacation.

This would mean that they are not aware of the things that happen around them. A proper tour guide could help the visitor explore more areas without feeling lost in the area.

13. Always Updates Your Property Pricing Based on the Seasonality

This is a very important rule that you must follow. If you are in a season where the demand for vacation rentals is on the rise, the price of the stay is higher. This is because of the demand-supply conundrum.

More demand but less supply will make the customers pay higher prices for the place. However, when the season does not attract customers, lower the prices.

This is because the demand is low, but the supply is rather high. Keep your eye out for the change in the season and change your prices accordingly.

14. Automate Your Website Repetitive Process Smoothly

Make sure that your website follows the process automatically rather than manual. When these processes are being done, they should be done smoothly so that they do not feel like it is hectic to use them.

This will also make it chaotic for you to keep track of the website. Having a smooth automated process will make your customers feel more comfortable with your website. Ensure that it is simple and does not follow many steps, as this can make it more confusing for the user.

15. Make Your Vacation Rentals More Efficient

It is important to make it efficient for the customer to book the vacation rental. If they are unable to do so, you will not have any customers. Make sure that it is easy to book the rental and it does not clash with another booking.

If the website's booking does not work well, all aspects of the website would have been of no use. Make sure you can make it simple and easy to use. If the customer feels satisfied with this, they will be more willing to return there.

16. Make Sure Property Related Any Problems You Can Fix Quickly

Make sure you have customer support with contact info written down on the site. If the customer has any queries regarding the rental, they should be answered.

Any problems that the customers might face should also be solved at their earliest. If the problem is from the website, immediately approach the website builders and tell them the problem. If a customer has any problem, take action to remove the problem as soon as you can.


If done properly and using the right techniques, you could own an extremely profitable business. You could have many customers looking at your property. The main way you could do this is by promoting your business to all platforms.

You could employ different techniques for this, but with the right skills, you will only have to execute a few. Bringing in traffic to your website should be the priority. This is so that when users google your vacation rentals name, your website should be the first thing that pops up.

Generally, this does not happen when you start a business, and your website will get lost in the search results, but with the right tactics you utilize, you could have it as the first result. Investing in making your website more popular is one of the best investments you can make.

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