Why Heading Text is Very Important on Your Landing Page?

How to Write Effective Landing Page Headlines? Know 6 Important Features Of A Good Landing Page. Write better headlines for better conversion rates.

The headline on a landing page can be compared to a person's head - it is probably the most important part of any sales text because it is when you read the headline that most of the visitors who come to your website are screened out. 

Therefore, it is extremely important to think in detail not only every word but also every sign, every symbol used in it. Everything, without exception, must work for its effectiveness, to be able to generate good quality and in large numbers.

“5 times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.” -David Ogilvy

In this article, we'll look at what techniques you can use to create the most captivating headlines and explain why they produce a particular effect on your users.

How to Write Effective Landing Page Headlines

The look and Position of the Headline

  1. The headline should be centred in the header of the landing page.
  2. It should stand out from the background - you can do this by highlighting the font in a contrasting colour. But! No need to use star shimmer, divine glow, or other eye-catching elements.
  3. The number of words in a good headline should not exceed 7 (seven) words. More words - more time for perception.
  4. the use of punctuation - dashes, colons, exclamation points (one, but not ten!) works great.
  5. It is important to use a subheading - a transcript of the main title. It should be placed below the headline (that's why it's a 'subheading') and the font should be smaller but in the same style and colour.

The Shape of the Headline

Numbers, numbers in headlines always grab attention. For this reason, I recommend their active implementation and regular use:

  • 5 reasons...,
  • 10 rules..,
  • Saving up to 50%... etc.

You can come up with a great headline in the form of a question:

  • Dreaming of a new country house?
  • How do you get your driving license the first time?
  • Holidays abroad without the hassle and worry...etc.

The subheading must be a logical continuation of the headline, both in form and content.

  • Dreaming of learning English fast?
  • Come and learn in our language centre.

Add a tasty adjective to your headline - an original, perhaps unexpected, but one that the client simply can't help but take advantage of your offer:

  1. A unique look for the best bride, 
  2. Safe weight correction, 
  3. Reliable special equipment for building your home, 
  4. How to do R&D staffing for business?
  5. Completely painless teeth whitening, etc.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Powerful Headlines

Let's move on to the most important thing - the content of the headline. First, let's remember a simple formula for a good headline:

brief, clear, important.

That is, making the headline first think about what we need to convey to future clients. 

For example, you have a candy shop, which produces cakes, pastries for holidays and other celebrations.

Sit down and think about what your potential customers want? 

  1. Newlyweds for weddings
  2. Corporate clients for important events
  3. Children for fun holidays

Let's take the most important thing out of it:

Our company sells delicious and beautiful cakes that you need for your celebrations. We can deliver quickly and free of charge anywhere in the city.

For a great heading placement, you will need a perfect landing page builder. Check this prepared list to make sure you won’t miss it out. You can choose the best option for your website to create a perfect landing page with eye-catchy heading text on it.

Make a clear and concise headline, throwing out unnecessary: delicious and beautiful cakes for your celebration.

And add a subheading: Free and fast delivery all over the city.

Now let's discuss a few types of selling headlines that will help your conversion rate soar sounds like a good selling headline 😊:

Type 1. Headline-question.

We've talked about it before. So why is it so effective?

The question in the headline automatically motivates the user to answer it. And to answer it, it must be well comprehended, pass through itself.

How to get rid of pimples on your face

So whether he wants to or not, the reader turns his attention to your text.

When you create a question heading, it must directly or indirectly indicate that the answer lies in the following text, which requires that the text is read.

  • Looking for a reliable insurance company?
  • Need urgent and high-quality legal assistance?
  • Want to have a perfect figure in just 2 months?

Type 2. Example from personal experience.

People tend to trust other people's life stories, so when they read a headline like this, they project the situation described in it onto themselves. 

Example from personal experience.

If you compare the two headlines: "How to lose 20 kg in 2 months" and "How I lost 20 kg in 2 months" - certainly the first loses many times.
  • How did I get pregnant quickly?
  • How did I meet your mother?
  • How did I learn to salsa dance in 2 days?

If you read the headings in a different order, you get a funny story, almost Santa Barbara of the real thing.

Type 3: Problem-solving.

When we have any kind of problem, we all dream that our friend the Internet will solve it for us and provide a solution on a silver platter. 

This is the very reason why we type such questions as 

  • "How to get rid of pimples on your face", 
  • "How to learn to swim", 
  • "Where to meet a girl" etc. into search engines.

Problem-solving headline

So at the stage of thinking through all the text for the site and the headline, in particular, think through and articulate the problem of your target audience and give the solution in the headline.

Use turns of phrase that resembles an instruction manual, a guide that inspires user confidence and impresses with its simplicity (what's not to do, buy, order if the solution to the problem is so close?): 

How to do something, How many ways to do something, An instruction manual, etc.

  • How to get rid of spinal pain for good?
  • 10 proven ways to finally quit smoking.

Type 4. Guarantees and promises.

How the phrase warms our souls "...Or we'll give you your money back". 

When a hesitant user feels your security, when he understands that he has the right to return the thing, if it does not fit or not work, doubts disappear somewhere instantly, and he becomes more loyal and tolerant to the text that reads.

You can openly use the words "we guarantee" or "we promise", or you can express the same idea, but in different words:

  • We guarantee that you will forget about those extra centimetres in your waistline.
  • Your skin will be visibly transformed in just 24 hours.
  • With us, you no longer need a sales team (e.g. a call centre service website).

Type 5: Scandal, intrigue, investigation.

We all, by nature, are very curious. Therefore, secrets and classified secrets always work great on us - use on health and intrigue their readers.

Personal types names could be effectively used in blogs or places where people express personal opinions a lot. If you consider starting a blog here is a good starting page.

Recently, for example, I saw a famous Russian advertising food delivery: 

2 banks stunned by the price. How can you not click on an advert like that? I wonder how crazy they are?

  • The secret ingredient that will make all your meals unforgettably delicious.
  • Secrets come out: how to regain your sight in 1 month.

Type 6. Scare and shock.

Headlines that motivate people to feel fear are very effective.

And if the headline is skillfully drafted, your CA will certainly read the entirety of the following text, instinctively trying to protect themselves from one or another fear.

  • What can ruin your marriage?
  • Foods you shouldn't eat to avoid going bald.
  • How not embarrass yourself in a job interview?
  • Never say that to your soul mate.

So, we've discussed the 6 essential headlines that will help you generate a name while attracting customers to yours.

A good headline is an essential tool in the job. Don't leave them out and you'll be happy and selling! 🙂

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