Tips For Starting A Blog

6 professional advice Before Launching a Blog I Wish I Learned. It can be nerve-wracking to launch a blog for the first time.
So you're thinking of creating a blog, but you have no idea where you've been going to start, right? 

Do you want to create a meaningful thing? 


why not launch a blog? And why not become a blogger? 

Building this blog is one of the best choices I have ever made. This blog is, after all, how I make a living. More importantly, this is how I bring significant value to the lives of other people and bloggers. 

What is a Blog? 

A blog is a medium that can help build an online identity, generate leads, and attract an audience. It's also a collection of informative content that shows industry awareness focused on a central subject. 

How to Start a Successful Blog in 2020

Tips for Starting A Blog 

Here are a few simple, step-by-step guides to understand how to start a blog. I've been blogging & earning money online for 9 + years, and this is the perfect starting point for blogging and making money from blogging quickly. 

1. Select The Best Platform 

Many people start with common free blogging sites such as Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, or, but these sites for blogging are restrictive. If you are passionate about blogging, you should not waste your time there. Crazyegg shared a descriptive comparison between different blogging platforms to pick the best blogging platforms.  

you will have to accept such free platforms' terms and conditions, and they have the privilege to close off your blog without a warning. There's also no assurance that if they shut down your blog, you will be able to export your content. 

You can only use the minimal features available on those platforms. Most free platforms also limit you from blogging about making money. 

You should use the platforms that allow your blog full freedom and control. You can add plugins, earn money, or do whatever you want on platforms like, Wix, and Weebly

2. Generate a Perfect Domain Name 

If you are blogging about a particular matter, then you would probably want to include it in your blog name in some way. However, try not to get too focused on just a single word. 

A cooking site, for example, doesn't actually require having the phrase 'cooking' in its name. 

The terms "cuisine", "cooking tips" and "food and drinks" will also let readers know that cooking is the topic of your blog. 

In order for potential readers to automatically guess your blog content, your name should be specific and descriptive. 

Here are a few simple guidelines for selecting your website's best domain name. 
  • Stick with an extension of the .com domain 
  • Select a domain name that can be quickly pronounced, read, and as short as possible. 
  • Use a domain name with your keywords and your brand name., for instance, is much more search engine-friendly than 
If you don’t have much idea regarding selecting the perfect and beautiful name then alternatively you can use business name generator online tools. Obviously, this will give you instant domain name ideas for your blog and business website. 

3. Pick a Suitable Hosting Service 

When creating a blog, selecting the correct web hosting is also one of the most crucial decisions, since this is where your website files are kept. 

Many newbies like the concept of having free hosting, but it's always a terrible idea to choose free website hosting because eventually, it will end up costing you more time and money. 

Choosing a reputable hosting company is crucial. You need to remember a few factors here: 

  • There are various types of plans for hosting, such as shared hosting, managed hosting, VPS, and much more. You need to pick a plan that suits your requirements and budget. 
  • Compare reviews of various hosting service providers. 
  • Customer support is essential for beginners, and when you need it, you would like to make absolutely sure that there are plenty of options for getting help. 

To know more about best-hosting services, read our comparison article about the 5 best hosting services

4. Pick a simple Theme to make your Blog Unique 

Professionalism and creativity need to be represented in the website appearance in this era of advanced web development. People have low attention spans on the internet. If your website is not polished and sleek, then you will struggle to attract visitors. 

There are many blogging themes available on the net and based on your blogging platform you have to select an appropriate one. For example, if you are a WordPress user then you will have the opportunity to pick from a variety of themes from their default library. One of the best things about WordPress is the tens of hundreds of different free themes that you can choose from. 

What's more interesting to me, though, is that there are paid / premium themes that are created with innovative and improved features and functionality by web designers or web design services providers and continually updated. 

Some of these templates also have their own structures to take the simple functions of WordPress and incorporate their own custom interface that allows you to construct entirely new styles and blog posts. 

The minimalism in website design should not be overlooked. Good minimal WordPress themes can really bring out the best in your post. They make your blog look professional and give an enigmatic and charming look to your website. Whatever the blogging platform, choosing a simple and fast loading theme would be a wise decision. 

5. Write Compelling Content to Create a Blog that your Readers Love. 

With a steady influx of news and online content, people's social media feeds are overloaded. To enable yourself to stand out, you need to have an attention-grabbing article title, something which brings value to the reader and gets their attention. 

David Ogilvy, renowned as the founder of Promotion, is said to have said, 

"The Headlines That Work Best Are Those That Promise a Benefit To The Reader." 

If you're not using a persuasive title, there's a fair chance that your blog post won't be read or shared. 

We are shallow as humans. A book is judged by its cover and a blog article by its title. That's why the title of every one of your blog posts is crucial to the success of the article. 

To find the emotional marketing value of your headline, we suggest that you run your headline through one of these 25 headline analyzer online tools

A blog article needs to be 100% genuine, and it needs to be distinctive. Writing high-quality content is the best possible thing you can do with your blog. How does the target audience stand to benefit from your blog post? 

Here are several strategies that can help you learn how good content can be written: 
  • Provide interesting relevant information that may not be available to your readers. 
  • Give guidance to readers on popular issues. 
  • Add infographics to your blog posts. 
  • Embed videos to illustrate a concept to the readers and to enhance useful material. 
  • Split up the material with headers, bullet points, and photos. 
  • Share a tale that the readers can relate to. 
If you want to get a complete guide on how to write SEO blog posts then you can take a look at this article How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

6. Advertise your blog 

Developing a very well-designed blog and composing compelling copy is just the beginning. You will need to take extra time promoting it, especially before you even start, in order to just get readers for your site. 

You want to begin promoting your blog after you spend some time on your website. Connecting directly with clients in the social media community is the perfect way to share information about your blog. You need to link the popular social media accounts to your site. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest offer a perfect way to publish each post as well as provide factual accuracy. 

This will increase the post's exposure, and individuals will add additional circles to your personal and company social media profile. They will be immediately notified when you submit a new post. This is a perfect opportunity for the new post to gain exposure and to improve the brand image. 

A perfect way for your blog to obtain some visibility is to use blog listings. Putting your blog into directories of bloggers will encourage other bloggers and sources to go there. Becca Riserbato on HubSpot shared about 10  free ways to promote your blog.

If you host your site on WordPress, then it will provide a related subscription service as your site can be subscribed to by other WordPress users. 


To sum up, to keep attracting visitors, write consistently on your blog. You must begin by providing something to your readers, and then concentrate on how to promote your blog. The inability to produce quality content on a daily basis will lose you a lot of readers and trigger your traffic to decline. 

To help you think about your audience as you build new content to add to your blog, follow such guides. Make sure to optimize your blog content for the search engines, as this will boost your organic traffic.
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