10 Creative Ways To Promote Infographics to Make Them Go Viral

Infographics are one of the best ways to take lots of information and turning into an exciting visual graphic that is easily shared by others. Infographic directories are a great way for people who are interested in finding images on specific topics to find your work. Explore here ways of using infographics to promote your brand. How to Successfully Promote Your Infographics? Learn 10 powerful visual marketing ideas that will boost your results. Know where to post infographics and infographic directories?
Infographics are one of the best ways to showcase valuable information and turning a broad idea into an exciting visual graphic. 

Through conducting visual research researcher comes to the point that 90% information absorbed by our brain visually. And this is one of the prime reason online marketers use interesting infographics to promote and spread a message. 

10 Ways to Get Your Infographic to Go Viral

To create an infographic takes a small amount of innovation and creativity to create but that will highly capable to grab people’s attention. For this reason, many digital marketers using infographic as a medium of lead generation and increasing conversion rate.

But in this field competition increased than before. Now after creating eye catchy infographic your task is not over, rather you need to promote infographics online in different ways to achieve desired outcome. 

What Is an Infographic? 

An infographic is a visual illustration of information cluster and is intended at making an otherwise complex subject matter easier to understand quickly and clearly. In simple word, infographics are a graphic that visually represent the information, data and knowledge.

marketing sales infographic

Why infographic promotion is necessary? 

Massive outreach is the key to success in any marketing campaign. Adequate promotion requires reaching large audience with your brand new infographic. So it is important to know where, and how to promote infographics. 

Infographics or visual Graphics which emerged rapidly and many Blogger and online marketers are using for various purposes and this is best force gauge to measure creativity. It helps to 
  • Promote business 
  • Support to marketing campaign and 
  • Generate high quality backlink without practicing black-hat SEO 
Rather link building with Infographic is a white-hat SEO tactics. 

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Infographic Go Viral Instantly 

Before promoting an infographic make sure you have used all the necessary ingredients to create an effective infographic. You may try your best that help your audience. 

A infographic that doesn’t provide any value to readers will not attract and shared by audience. So create your infographic as masterpiece. 

Here are the top 10 Ways to Make Your Infographic Go Viral Instantly 

1. Promote infographic Through Social Media 

Social media is most effective and strong medium to promote infographic. 

To promote your infographic through social media pages and groups you should share frequently. infographic works effectively on social media, because those places are extremely sharable and millions of users every day use to see interesting visual contents. 

It will help to boost your current traffic rate. By sending request to your existing social media page subscribers you can easily spread it shortest period of time. 

Generally infographic images are very tall. The ideal dimension of infographic image is 800px width X 2000px height. Use that image size for creating perfect infographic. 

Pinterest is the ideal place for sharing large dimensional images and easy to share. In addition, you should add infographic embedding code thus anyone can easily embed on other platform. 

Use necessary hashtag and add description thus social media users can discover your infographic easily. Make sure your website name and URL clearly visible at the bottom of the inforgraphic, this will help people to identify the owner of the content. 

2. Promote infographic Through E-mail Campaign 

Many email marketer using infographic to increase email open rate and reduce unsubscribe rate. But many of us don’t use this vital type content to become success in email marketing. 

A successful e-mail marketing campaign must have some attractive ingredients and to make striking the strong medium is infographic. 

Inforgraphic helps to increase email open rates and click through your emails they will land on your blog page. 

This is an excellent way to promote infographic and help to promote person to person. But remember that don't send it to the unknown user because it will negatively impact on your infographic promotion through e-mail marketing. 

Send your infographic through email to your existing clients and email subscribers. This will help you to promote your infographic and success your email campaign. 

3. Promote infographic Through Directories And Peer Group 

There are many directories that accept infographic. Those directories are a great source of searching specific infographic based on your interest and topic. 

You can get listed by submitting your infographic to directories that will allow you to target specific Audiences. 

For example 

If infographic directory user shares your infographic then there would be a good chance to drive traffic and gain backlink. You can target them to promote your next content. 

Infographic can promote through both digital and print media, comparatively digital media is effective but print media is also useful to promote. 

Printed infographic can be distributed among peers or friends for promotional purpose. Use some popular infographic directories which have higher traffic flow. 

Submitting infographic on various directories doesn’t give you guarantee of traffic and top position on search engine result pages. But it that is ideal place for marketing and promoting infographic. 

Here are few infographic directories you can submit your infographics and as well as use others. 
Remember that every infographic directories has different submission rules and regulations so make sure to comply with their rules before submit. 

4. Optimize to Promote Your Infographic for Searchable Keywords 

After creating an Infographic your task is not over, rather you need to work for promotion and branding and more importantly make it search engine friendly to get explored by organic traffic. 

To optimize your Infographic keyword research is mandatory. By using proper keywords you can improve the searchability of your Infographic. And this will work not only in search engines but also in various social media sites. 

Use Google Ads Keyword Planner to do keyword research. 

Google Keyword planner

After generating certain keyword use it on the text content. To get noticed with your infographic try to provide additional information, actionable steps and resources that help users to solve their problem and serve their purpose. 

5. Promote infographic Through Guest Blogging 

This is the most effective channels to reach a larger audience and promote your infographic. 

Write on different portals, online newspaper and magazine as well as on blog to promote your infographic. This is a great way to reach new audience and get shared your infographic. 

There are few blog accept short content and infographic, because they prefer long content. Write descriptive information on your infographic and submit to relevant sites, remember that it is not enough to restate the information only in your inforgraphic. 

I am pretty sure long content with inforgraphic will accept most of the blogger to publish on their blog. 

After posting your infographic as a guest blogger follow the comments and take note what the visitors are saying about it. 

This will help you to create your next infographic but this is expected to get both positive and negative review from new audience. 

6. Promote infographic Through Paid promotion 

Often paid promotion works better over organic promotion. Through paid promotional campaign you can reach your targeted audience easily. 

The ideal places for running a campaign various social media pages like 
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • Reddit 
Alternatively use Google Ads or by ad place directly to promote your infographic. 

It is effective to reach large number of audiences. Millions of visitors are on search engine and social media sites so you can easily promote your infographic there through paid campaign. 

We recommend BuySellAds.com and BuzzFeed.com to buy ad space directly for promotion because they provide very high quality service and you can easily track which website is legit and getting higher traffic. 

In addition, many websites that don’t accept general quality guest article and your entrance would be very difficult there, but by using direct advertising service like BuySellAds you can enter on those sites and promote your infographic. 

Promote infographic Through Ads and In-Store Promotion. Many reputed company run their ad campaign through infographic. They mainly use infographic for in store promotion because it gives clear idea to the customer, increases conversion rate and sales. 

7. Promote infographic ThroughVisual Graphic Directories 

To promote your infographic you can reach to more people through content curation websites. Simply by submitting your infographic to those sites you can get noticed. 

The most popular content curation site is Pinterest and ideal place for promoting infographic. Many users found those useful for displaying and housing visual graphics. 

Infographic Submission process is similar to directory submission process but you must register with those sites. There another plus point is to get backlinks from there. 

Here I have listed some content curation site to submit and promote your infographic. 

You will find more sites through Google Search and can choose according to your preference. 

8. Submit infographic to Aggregator Websites 

You can also promote infographics by submitting to aggregator websites like 

  • Inbound.org 
  • Reddit.com 

Those sites will help you to generate more leads and traffic. These aggregator websites collect information on a specific subject from multiple sources. 

There are many aggregator websites available where you can promote your creative infographic. You can try out the following as well; 

9. Use Question and Answer Sites To Promote Infographics 

Many Q&A site has great potentiality to drive traffic and reach new audience without spending a single penny. So promote infographics on Q&A websites if it can match with the certain question or solve query makers problem. Just visit Question & Answer Sites and search for active questions which you think have been answered in your infographic. After identifying appropriate question insert the link to you the infographic in the answers section. There are several question and answer sites to promote infographic: 
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Askville 
  • WikiAnswers 
  • Blurt it 

10. Submit an SEO optimized press release 

Press releases help to increase credibility of content. It can improve keyword rankings, visibility, traffic to your website and inbound links. 

In press release expresses the story behind your infographic and what did you learn from your research. There you will get a great opportunity to demonstrate how your research impacted your audience. 

To stands out from the crowd you should write an optimized press release and submit it to some of the most popular Press Release Websites. 

You will get steady targeted traffic flow to your website, as well as this will improve the keyword ranking on search result. 

Here are few press release sites to promote your infographic: 
  • PR Newswire 
  • PR Log 
  • PR Web 
  • Newswire 
  • eReleases 
  • Online PR News 


Smart marketers and webmaster try to take advantage of every opportunity to improve traffic flow to their websites and creating infographics open a new opportunity for them. 

Why don’t you share your creative idea by converting into an interesting infographic? Digital marketer can’t ignore the necessity of creating and promoting infographics. 

To promote successfully you must do keyword research for your infographic. Audience review helps to know the impact of your infographic. More importantly keep relevancy between keywords and infographic topic. 

And don’t forget to email your infographic to your email subscriber. Request them to embed your infographic on their sites and social media pages. 

By the way, make sure your infographic build from reliable sources. Once the infographic is done, let me know how much time and effort you have given to make it excellent?
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