How to Access Real Estate Leads with Google AdWords?

How to get maximum leads from AdWords for Real estate? Discover the secrets to Adwords for real estate campaigns. Want to know how to make Google Adwords for real estate leads work? Reduce your ad spend, and generate leads consistently with these simple tips.
In this article, we will be discussing how Google AdWords work, the best tips to set-up an ad, and how to create a catchy ad. 

Why Do Real Estate Professionals Use Google AdWords? 

Google AdWords has become the top paid advertising platform for real estate professionals to access new leads. This comes as no surprise since 90% of all searches are performed on Google

What Are the Benefits of Using Google AdWords? 

Google AdWords can be an expensive way to access new clients. Google AdWords advertising agencies can help you to work with different clients. 

However, it is well worth the money spent for each lead since any real estate professional can easily make thousands of dollars off of each commission. 

As I mentioned already most people perform their searches on Google. That being said, if someone was looking to sell or buy real estate, Google search will probably be one of the first places to go (alongside with word-of-mouth). 

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How to get maximum leads from AdWords for Real estate? 

How Does Google AdWords Work? 

There are plenty of posts out there explaining how Google AdWords is beneficial to real estate professionals, but not enough that explain how it works. It’s a pretty easy process once the ad is set up. 

Here is the simplest way to explain the process of Google AdWords once the ad is ready to view: 

Once the ad is set up, the first step is the client performing a Google search, let’s say 

Ex: “St.Paul Homes for Sale”

The client comes across the ad that was set-up and clicks the website listed in the ad. The agent’s website ad was triggered because they entered the exact keyword text “St.Paul Home for Sale” which was also the keyword phrase chosen when setting up the ad. 

Once landed on the website, the potential client searches until they find a home that they are interested in. They will click to look at the home which will then open a contact form for them to fill their information in (including a phone number). 

At that point, the system will ask the person to verify their phone number by sending them a text with a code that they will have to enter in. 

Once verified, the system will send the lead to CRM as well as notify Google AdWords so they can update lead conversion. 

Finally, a text message is sent to the agent pool with a notification that a lead is available so the agent can contact them, preferably within minutes but no longer than an hour. 

If the lead is successful by becoming a client, Google AdWords is also notified and updated. 

Now that you know how Google AdWords works, let’s talk about why real estate professionals use the successful advertising technique as part of their marketing plan. 

What Other Benefits Are There to Using Google AdWords? 

Another benefit to using Google AdWords for real estate professionals is that if people are searching for “Minneapolis Homes for Sale”, they are actively searching for a real estate agent. There are no guessing games when using Google AdWords for real estate leads. 

Additionally, without an ad, your real estate agent might be placed further down the page, or even not on the first page. 

The beauty of an ad is that you will be featured in the first or second spot and have a higher chance of them clicking on your website. We all know that when a person does a Google search, they usually click on one of the first few results because they trust Google to choose the most relevant and reliable source for them. 

You can see why Google AdWords is an excellent advertising platform for real estate professionals, as well as for many other industries. Now I’m sure you want to know how to set up these ads to get the maximum amount of benefits. 

Start by choosing to set up a Google Search Ad. 

1. Google Search Ads 

This is the type of ad that most real estate professionals use. The ad will appear in one of the top results with the word “ad” in it. 

By choosing this type of ad, a real estate professional can get leads almost immediately. 

2. Keyword Selection 

Now let’s talk about selecting the right keywords. This is crucial. If the wrong keywords are selected in an ad, chances are the ad will not be profitable. 

A business needs to make sure their keywords are relative to their industry. A real estate agent would use “Minneapolis Home for Sale” if they are in the Minneapolis area. “Minneapolis Home for Sale” is not only the perfect keyword phrase for a real estate professional who sells homes in the Minneapolis area, but it’s also a “money” keyword. Money keywords are keywords that match real buyers; either buyers of service or buyers of a product. 

Selecting the right keywords that are relative to industry and location is the most important part of the keyword aspect in Google AdWords. 

Finally, the most important thing to remember when creating a Google AdWords ad… 

Make sure your ad works and catches the eye of potential customers. Here are a few ways to help draw attention to your ad: 
  • Try a/b testing to determine what variation of your ad works best. 
  • Offer something that’s free in your ad to use on your website, such as a mortgage calculator. 
  • Select precise locations such as neighborhoods if you want to only sell homes that are within a certain price range. Write your ads based on the location you select. 
  • Make sure to ad words that will catch the lead’s attention such as “free”, “quality”, “reliable” and “fast” 

To Sum It All Up 

As you can see, Google AdWords is a great advertising platform for any real estate professional. Use the above tips and you can access new leads at an alarming rate.
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