How to Solve non-www to www Redirect Problem in Blogger?

How to Redirect naked domain to www in Blogger Site? If you have a problem with the redirection of the non-www to the www version of your URL, use the following helper tutorial. You can redirect all of the requests for domain to by modifying your website's setting from Blogger Dahsboard.

After purchasing a domain you would prompt to set it up. But after successfully domain setup most of us do a silly mistake that they don’t enable 'www' redirect. As a result when you type your Blog URL with 'www' they Blogger display error page. 

Many people think that this error evolved from Domain. But in real this is a problem of Blogger.

While we create a Blog on Google Blogger then we get a Google hosted domain that comes with and when we setup a third party domain then we must use that naked Google hosted domain with third party domain ( 

In real your Google hosted domain redirects to third-party domain nothing else.

How to redirect my domain from non-www to www on Blogger

As a result, when you type then it works fine. But when you add then Google Blogger will display an error page, because DNS server can’t recognize your third party domain with www.

How to redirect my domain from non-www to www on Blogger?

We can solve this issue by enabling non-www to www redirect feature in our Blog. And this is very easy to activate.

Step #1: Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step #2: Click on Settings from left vertical menu

Step #3: Now under 'Publishing' locate Redirect Domain and click Activation button. 

How to redirect my domain from non-www to www on Blogger?

Step #4: And it will activate the redirection feature and will be automatically redirect to If you are using top-level domain then it will display instead of yourdomain text. You can see about my blog domain. 

Now type your domain URL without www (e.g. in web browser and see your domain is automatically redirected to (

That’s it non-www to www Redirect Problem in Blogger now solved. The main benefits of using this redirect is that majority of user while try to enter into a website then they start web address with www. 

So if you don’t activate this feature then Google will display error page. As a result, you will lose big chunk of traffic every day. So I recommend it to enable this feature on your Blogger Blog.

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