Where to Display AdSense Ad After Getting First Approval?

Ideal Place to add AdSense ad code After First approval
adsense ad placement

For the rapid growth of AdSense applicant it becomes tough to get approval. Everyday Google AdSense team receives enormous application from publisher for account approval. But it is not possible to give approval to all applicants. Google AdSense has specific terms of service where you must comply with them. But after fulfilling the entire AdSense requirement many publishers don’t get approval.

I have seen there are some small mistake works behind this, which is responsible to not getting approval from Google AdSense. Among various mistakes new publisher do a mistake while they place ads on non-recommended place after getting first approval.

After getting first approval from AdSense you will see a message on AdSense dashboard that your account is getting reviewed. And for completing the review you must place ads in your site. But at that time AdSense will serve only blank ads. This is not actually ads, after adding AdSense code a blank space will display there.

welcome to adsense

Many new applicants think Blank space looking weird in my site or current visitors don’t feel comfortable with blank space, as a result they place that ad code at the bottom of the page. And this is a great mistake where many AdSense applicants’ application gets disapproval from AdSense.  

A significant recommendation from AdSense is to place ads above the fold where most of the visitors hit. Above the fold means the portion of a Web page that is visible in a web browser when the page loads. So this means you must keep the ad code above the fold. But if you place the ad code below the fold then users have to scroll down to see the ads and AdSense don’t recommend that.

Where to Place AdSense ad code after getting first approval?

We have already known that we must place the ads above the fold. And another requirement is your ad code must display in all of your web pages. The ideal place is to display AdSense ads on website header section and top sidebar, because from all of your WebPages those 2 sections are visible. If you visit post page then your header section as well as sidebar section remain visible. And those two places always remain above the fold.

728 x 90 ad banner

Though AdSense required placing only one ad code after getting first approval but for increasing approval possibilities we should place AdSense ads in 2 places. If your website designed with 2 column header then place an ad code on right header section. And place second ads on top right of your website’s sidebar.

Alternatively you can place a large leather board below header section of your website. And second ad code at top right sidebar.

large leather board AdSenes ads

And when AdSense team will come to review your site then they would see you have placed ads in right position and blank ads are visible from all Blog pages (post page, static page, achieve page, search page). As a result it will maximize the possibility to get approval after first impression by AdSense team.

However there are many major and minor requirement AdSense applicant must fulfill. Among various approval provisions AdSense ad placement above the fold plays significant role. Wish you best of luck to get AdSense approval. 
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