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Best URL Shortening that helps to Earn Money on Every Click
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Are you thinking for lazy and easy money earning techniques over the net? I am damn sure you would say yes! It goes without saying most of the web users wants to earn money. But among them, they think that only web expert can earn money or for earning though web we must have a Blog or website. But you don’t even think that you can earn money with your Blog and also without Blog or website.

Now a big question is buzzing on your mind that how this is possible without having a website or Blog people can earn money?   I am not telling you to do freelancing or something else. Go ahead and reveal the mystery. We hope we can make hassle-free money without extra effort, everybody says Ameen! Lol.

I know you have tried and gone through with many money earning techniques and medium such as AdSense, freelance work, fill the survey and other fake ads networks but ultimately you have wrapped up and stopped the struggle for making online money. Because Adsense rejection rate is very high, this is very hard to get freelance work if you are new. You are not expert on survey or you feel annoyed about the survey and many of us getting involved with fake ads network those are not paid in real.

Those who are trying to make online money in real with the legit site and easiest way; I brought good news for them. Yes, you can earn money with a fantastic URL shortening service which is called and this is one of the best URL shortening services globally.

I am damn sure you are already well acquainted with and but they made you disappoint because you are not making the expected amount of money with them. Be positive and go ahead with for making some real money. is far better than other URL shortening services.

What exactly

Simply is a European URL shortening service which helps to earn money to Blogger and non-Blogger. As far as I know, this is currently in a leading position in URL shortening service. And it is the best and quick way to earn money even it doesn’t require having a Blog or website.

Features of

It has got some amazing features that you might like, I have sorted out for potential users, such as-
  1. can be integrated with various ways. They have many integration tools for making money.
  2. Those bloggers and Non-blogger can make money with them.
  3. delivers the only premium ads which cover globally.
  4. They are fast better than other URL shortening service. And users can generate High CPM with premium payouts.
  5. All, users able to see real-time statistics about their earnings. As a result, you will satisfy and track the income trend.
  6. has 3 alternative payout systems which make payout easy for users. Such as PayPal, Payoneer and WebMoney. 
  7. Finally, this is a legit company which will ensure the payment. 
payment proof

How to Monetize by delivers its service with simple and variant ways to their publishers. I like their services, because of the unique features and monetization system. Even you will be amazed by knowing those features. has good tools for monetizing your Blog, Website and social media site for earning money. Go ahead one by one to know them better.

Initially, we can classify their service into 2 categories
  1. for Blogger or Website Owner
  2. for Non-Blogger

1. Blogger or Website Owner 

Under this classification a user must have a Blog or Website. This category requires a Blog or website for monetize and earning Money.
  • Mighty Website Script - This is a generic system of all advertising network to integrate their ads with Blog and Website. But is sounded different. I said mighty because for script generation you have plenty of options for script customization.   Such as
  1. Entries – Display ads after landing a visitor on your site.
  2. Exit – Display ads on at before exiting your site.
  3. Pop Ads – Well-known ads will pop up within specific timeframe.
  • Mass Shrinker - This is a strong tool of which enables you shortening 20 URLs at a time and can be placed on your site. However, you have full control over them because it can be disabled within a click.
  • Social Share Widget – I love this feature. Because for making a Blog or website share-friendly we must integrate social sharing widget and help your site to share things as well as increase your earnings.
  • WordPress Plugin – You can assume by name that WordPress site required for using plugins. Don’t want to go through the manual procedure for integration then don’t worry just use their plugins and it will help to hassle-free integration. In addition, your WordPress Blog won’t be cluttered with existing banner ads.
  • Earn on BlogSpot Comments – turn your BlogSpot comments into a way of earnings.  Our BlogSpot comment section remains unused and we don’t add any widget or advertise banner. But through you can monetize that place and this will ensure the proper utilization of your Blog site. for Non-Blogger

Don’t you have a website or blog then don’t worry. You can still make money with And it has plenty of option for earning money.
  • Quick Link – This is the best feature for those who haven’t any Blog or website. Because anyone can generate a quick link by using Shorte. Even if you are using any social media site then you can add URL by using Quick link and start making money. This is best for social media users. I know you spend a lot of time chatting on Facebook, Twitter so why don’t you take a further step to make money with Shorte. It’s very easy to share shorten URL on various Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Google Plus page and community, Twitter page and feed. It helps to get a higher click-through rate.
  • Developers API – This is for advance users. It works with simple JSON API to shorten links without placing any script on your Blog and Website.
  • Integration – It’s time to monetize twitter feed. Turn your twitter feed like a cash machine. Whatever you publish on twitter feed then will convert the URL and direct visitors to it. This will work like charm.
  • Integration – is a popular medium of publishing content from Blog and website automatically on various social media site. But now opens a door for users. It helps to monetize each of your content shares. Just you need to integrate URL shortener and start making money.
  • Referral Program – This is the best part of because you don’t need any website or blog to make money with this ads network. Just you have to refer your friends through social media or email and you will start making money. Even you don’t have to put much effort into it. pays 20% referral commission for every referral person. For referring people you can use unique URL or you can use their different awesome banner for attracting others. 

Let’s Begin with

I know you are now excited for being a part of them and eager to start earning. For star making money you must joint with and this is really.

Step 1 Please visit

Step 2 and Click on JOIN form top right of the corner.

registration with

Step 3 Now simply fill up the registration form by putting your email and password and click the REGISTER button. Alternatively, you can connect with them with your Facebook account by pressing the CONNECT button.

Step 4 In the meantime verification email will deliver to your given email address and for verification, confirmation click on Verification URL from your email.

That’s it. I think the registration procedure is so easy for beginners and other level users. Now you are ready to go with and able to start making money instantly after integration.

Rates and Payout

For publisher main part of an ad, the network is rate payouts which are stimulating to work on it. Don’t worry pay the good amount on money for their users that make them satisfied. You can expect the conversion rate $0.10 to $15.20 for standard visitors. Here standard means the U.S and European countries visitors. So try to target them and double your earnings.

highest paying country

Apply a simple trick that joins over various US and European forum, page, community and share generated shorten URL there which will lead you on higher CPM and CTR.

In case of Payout, for PayPal and WebMoney users can withdraw money when their payment threshold reaches to only $5, unbelievable huh! But it’s true.

On the other hand, Payoneer users have to earn at least $20 for payout. This is Payoneer policy because they set $20 for the minimum transaction. So why are you wasting your time? Just start making money and cheer up.

Final Verdict

In the end, we can say this is the best money-making platform. Because URL shortening is the easiest medium for making online money. You don’t have to be an expert and you don’t need any website or Blog for earnings. Comparatively and, is the best and unbeatable URL shortening service over the net.
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