How To Use Periscope to Grow Your Website and Business?

Why and How to Embrace Periscope for Blog and Business?
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Periscope is rapid emerging mobile apps owned by giant social media company Twitter which is generating a lot of buzz at the moment. This is a simple app that helps the users for mobile broadcasting. In real Periscope is a video streaming app. Though this is am small app but very useful for connecting with friends, family and audience. You will find this app on both android and iPhone.
People are used to use Meerkat for mobile broadcasting but now Periscope playing significant role to connect with audience. You can say this is a competitor of Meerkat, which is a video-streaming app developed by Facebook.

Why To use Periscope?

There are many reasons behind using Periscope for your Website, Blog and Business. As well as this is best for personal perspective, you can keep your friends and colleagues up-to-date, literally with what’s happening in your life. Let’s talk about that below-

1. Broadcast your Personal

As a Blogger you can broadcast your personal things like your home, your pets, and flowers at your veranda, shopping, and hangouts whatever you would like, Periscope will broadcast it for your audience. On the other hand as a Business owner you can show your Office area, pickup something cute that build trust to your business. People will love to see it. I can remember when I first broadcast my pigeon then I have found 129 audiences to watch my broadcast. The total broadcast time was around 15 minutes.
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2. Live Tutorial

As a blogger you can broadcast live tutorial for your Blog audience. They will enjoy it more than just reading article. There are so many beauty blogger running their Blog, they can show up how to use beautify product or how they organize their dressing room or makeup drawer. Through Periscope you have to start broadcasting. People want to see something new, so show them whatever you would like.

3. Launch Live Q&A Session

If you are receiving lot of emails and can’t get enough time to reply them then simply lunch a weekly Q&A session. Tell your Blog readers that every week on specific time you will be available on Periscope to give answers of your audiences. This is better than email because your readers will able to submit live questions and you can respond them in real-time.

4. Go live while Travel

This is a great opportunity for travel related Blog. You can broadcast your travel and tour in real-time through periscope. Rather writing story it is better to show something adventures. Take your Blog readers with you, whether you travel then broadcast what you see? What you eat? What are you up to? Where are you at? Readers will love to see from other part of the world. And this is really interesting.

Few tips for good quality Video on Periscope Broadcast

The main thing for good and quality broadcasting is stable mobile network. As well as you need to broadcast those place where adequate light available. Don’t expect your video quality will be like YouTube video but make some pre plan for good and quality broadcast. Such as
  • Before broadcasting check the mobile network
  • Make sure broadcasting area has adequate lighting.
  • Use headset for deliver clear speech. Make sure the microphone is closer to your mouth.
  • Use mini-tripod (or a selfie stick) for broadcasting steadily.

How to use Periscope for business?

The most important part of Business is promotion. Periscope can help your business in different ways. Such as-
  • Broadcast your product launch or any official program.
  • Advertise or announce about your Business through Periscope.
  • Show your audience how to use your product in live. Customer will fell interest.
  • Broadcast various prize giving ceremony or about lottery winner from your Business.
Those things will increase trust upon your Business instantly. And viewers will love to see it. The best part of Periscope is you don’t have to spend a single penny for your Business promotion, so Periscope is saving your money.

We can see there are many positive site of using Periscope and I recommend try to do something unique what works best for you. But don’t be nervous about your broadcast because everybody on Periscope is nonprofessional broadcaster and all are new.
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