How To Transfer Feedburner Subscriber By Exporting CSV File?

How to Moving away current Feed subscriber by exporting Subscriber’s CSV file to get all email lists?
export CSV file

If you have planned to move away from Feedburner then you must transfer your existing subscriber to your new feed or newsletter service provider. This is not possible to call everyone or by announcing that you have switch your feedburner or newsletter service. But you must inform them that you have moved. The solution is collecting CSV file for feedburner subscriber lists. I think this you are not clear about CSV file.

What is CSV file?

The explanation of CSV is comma separated values and this is an extension which is widely used in Microsoft Excel. Whenever you save a file in PC then it save with .csv extension.

And this types of files with .csv extension uses in all major email services. If you want to transfer your contracts form one email to another then you have to download the records. And the records file download with .csv extension which can be open in Microsoft Excel application.

Similarly in Google feedburner when a subscriber subscribe in your email list then they create email list on a CSV file. And we need that CSV file to transfer our total subscriber list to new feed or newsletter services.

In this tutorial I will show you how to get CSV file for Feedburner subscription list from Google Feedburner site.

Step 1 Please visit and sign in with your Blogger account.

Step 2 Now enter in your Blog feed incase of multiple feed select desired feed for export CSV file.

publicize feed

Step 3 From Feedburner page select Publicize tab and from left vertical menu click Email Subscriptions and choose Subscription Management.

Step 4 And scroll down on that page and locate View Subscriber Details link. And a hidden option will expend.

export feed subscriber

Step 5 Finally click on CSV link and instantly your Feedburner subscriber list will download in a Excel file with .csv extension.

That’s it you have successfully exported your Feedburner email subscriber list. And this file will help you to transfer all subscriber data from Google Feedburner to any other Feed and newsletter service provider site. In feedburner your have export option and in other site you have to use CSV file import option.

How to find specific subscriber email in Feedburner account?

If you wish to find and select specific subdcriber email rather exporting whole email list then you can use Search Addresses option.

Step 1 Under Feedburner Subscriber Management click Search Addresses

Step 2 And now write your desired subscriber email address and click Search button.

search subscriber

Step 3 If email address match with any subscribers then you will see the email details with status.

For transferring that subscriber email address just manually write the email address in your new newsletter subscriber service provider page. There are different newsletter service providers over the net and all are not same in importing subscriber from Feedburner. But I hope this tutorial will help you to export and transfer your existing Feedburner subscriber to another service provider.
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