Top 9 Best FeedBurner Alternatives For Webmaster

What are the best Feedburner alternatives for Micro and Entrepreneur Blog or Website?
feedburner alternatives

Hi Guys in my previous article I have shared why to stop using Feedburner? But that article is not complete because if I say you stop using Feedburner then you must go with any alternative service which is better than Feedburner.

Just a little review why to stop using Feedburner?

  • Feedburner is not updating since 2007
  • In Feedburner page and Feedburner email you will see many icons are missing and not loading properly.
  • Feedburner hasn’t any reliable email delivery option. Because users hasn’t any control over delivery email except selection of email delivery time.
  • Feedburner API and displaying AdSense facility has shutdown in 2012
  • Major problems are facing Japanese blogger. Because domain has expire in July 2012 as a result many Japanese Blogger lose their existing subscriber on Feedburner.
  • It doesn’t affect any SEO and Google don’t care about this. We know a popular product called Google reader which is already shut down. And it seems to me Google will shutdown Feedburner in near future.

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So we must stop using Feedburner soon or later, decision is up to you. However the question is what are the better alternatives of Feedburner? And where to switch to Feedburner?

There are several Feedburner alternatives available which can be use as free and paid subscription. Absolute you are

1. Specific Feeds

One of my favorite Feedburner alternatives is SpecificFeeds. This is really awesome because it works with all RSS readers, even no branding on subscription page. I always recommended using this feed.  Though it has not any weekly digests delivery option but you can filter the email delivery option. Multiple emails delivery channels available under SpecificFeeds. It has solid RSS and email subscriber tracking facility. You may think how to migrate your current Feed? No worries SpecificFeeds has comprehensive Feedburner migration wizards and transfer plugins for WordPress but Blogger can also transfer their feed easily. Your existing subscribers need not to opt-in again after transferring your feed on SpecificFeeds. And all these services are absolutely free of cost.
  • Visit:

2. Feedblitz

You may heard about Feedblitz It Works with all RSS readers and it also has Branded subscription page which is looks cleaner than Feedburner.  In addition you can send weekly digests and several email with personalize features. Email can be track for monitoring persormance. Feedblitz containing Feedburner migration wizards for email, RSS subscribers including videos walkthrough, as a result your current subscribers don’t have to opt in again.  However to grab this all features you must spend some money. It has monthly and yearly subscription Plan. After subscription with $15 yearly charge you can add up to 25 feeds on Feedblitz. However you can subscribe with $1.49 for monthly subscription fee.
  • Visit:

3. FeedPress

This is another paid alternative of Google Feedburner. This works with all RSS readers but FeedPres contain branded subscription page. But not look messy like Feed Burner. However FeedPress hasn’t any email subscription facility, but you can connect with Mailchimp to build your email list. Monthly subscription fee of FeedPress is $4. You can track advanced RSS and email subscriber. FeedPress also included Feedburner migration wizards for email, RSS subscribers. You will see a video walkthrough about total migration process.
  • Visit:

4. FeedCat

Looking for free Feedburner alternative they switch to FeedCat. It’s just another Google Feedburner service. You can say look alike, but still FeedCat looking clean. In addition you can display number pf feed readers with a button.  It can track page views, visits and subscriber.
  • Visit:

5. RapidFeed

RapidFeed is a paid feed service it offers two types of services such as FeedManager and FeedEmbed. You can convert your RSS feed to HTML by using FeedEmbed but FeedManager service allows users to manage RSS feed.

However RapidFeed has many features like you can index multiple feed with unlimited items. It supports iTunes. You can schedule your post, protect feed by password. In addition it has advanced tracking facility. After publishing your feed it will automatically tweet to your twitter account. RapidFeed provides services with competitive prices. It has Basic, Pro and Enterprise subscription plan.
  • Visit:

6. Feedity

This is another paid Feed service providing site. They are delivering over 60 million feed updates everyday to 100,000 individuals. Feedity working with Individuals, Business and Global brands. You can create a feed for your Webpage and Publish. Feedity offering services under 4 different subscription plan such as Starter, Plus, Business and Corporate.
  • Visit:

7. Simple Feed Stats (WordPress Plugins)

Simple Feed Stats mostly used through your WordPress site. It allows you to track your subscriber and you can display total subscription number using Feedburner style widget.
  • Visit:

8. If This Then That

This is not really Feedburner site, Indeed it works with social media tools and it lets you set up actions for a social media updates. But you will find many RSS integration options on If This Then That. After publishing a post in your Blog or website they will send an update to your twitter account. And your twitter subscriber will get a notification about this. However their services are absolutely free.
  • Visit:

9. RevResponse

This is a fantastic Feedburner alternative site where you can also earn money by joining their referral program. You can make $100 for 1000 subscribers. So just refer your Blog readers and start making money. However RevResponse has some great features where from your RSS feed they will send email to your subscribers. Everything is absolutely free of cost, rather you can earn by referring others. But for getting payment you must have PayPal account.
  • Visit:
Those are the Google Feedburner’s best alternatives which you can use for your Blog and Website. However as a micro Blogger we must consider the cost effectiveness. For new Blogger we should go for free feed service provider. But if you got a large site then you must switch to paid feed services to maintain your site professionally.

If you know more feedburner alternative sites then feel free to share with me. However I have found various sites which are telling that they are feed burner alternatives but in real they are providing only RSS to email service. Thank you.
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