Should We Use Google FeedBurner or not?

Why I Stopped Using Google Feedburner to Serve My Blog Subscribers?

Feedburner is a Google’s RSS feed management service which is necessary to operate a Blog or website smoothly. It goes without say that Feedburner plays significant rules for running our website smoothly. There are many widgets also serving through site’s Feed. I won’t say that Feedburner hasn’t any significant effect on our daily blogging but there are many reasons that we should not use Feedburner anymore.

From the beginning of 2012 of my Blogging career I am using Feedburner but in 2016 I have decided to stop using Feedburner. You may think what’s the reason behind this?

Feedburner is not Updating for longer time

We have seen Google Blogger has updated their all products except Feedburner. You won’t find any attractive feature on it. Even it hasn’t any beautiful subscription form for potential subscribers. Formerly we are able to serve Google AdSense ads on Google Feedburner but from 2012 Google has officially stopped this service. As a result now we are unable to serve ads on Google Feedburner.

Feedburner unable to offer subscribers to the weekly newsletter

Feedburner hasn’t any option to control their email. Suppose if you want to send specific email to specific person then you can’t send it. Because Google Feedburner hasn’t the option to send email to specific receiver.

Feedburner’s daily email makes annoying the email subscriber

Email list building is very important but sending too much email is really annoying. Can you imagine that if you have posted 5 posts in a day then your email subscriber is going to receive at least 2-4 emails from you per day. As a result subscriber feel irrigate and simply unsubscribe from your mail list.

Feedburner serving with Monotonous Email Body   

This is really boring to see dull email every day. Feedburner serves same designed email with different message. As a result receiver won’t feel open email. Moreover you won’t able to customize your email body in Feedburner, which is possible in third party newsletter service provider. On the other hand   users couldn’t remind readers of most recent posts.

Feedburner couldn’t add sharing or forwarding buttons in the e-mails.

Inside Feedburner email body user won’t able to add any social media URL and forwarding buttons inside email body. You may have many social media page but this is not possible to share the entire social media site in website. So we can add various social media URL on email body section. But this option is available on third party newsletter service provider.  In addition users couldn’t add a preview of comments on the posts.

Content theft use Feedburner for copying your content

For protecting our content this is necessary to stop content theft’s activity. I know you have taken many actions against them like me. In my site I have disabled right click feature; disabled Ctrl+U option, disabled text selection and many more, but still my content was copying by content theft. Finally I discovered that content thief copying my content from Feedburner. Even I have got penalty for duplicate content. Because Google search robot found same content in 5 to 6 sites. As a result I have control the Feedburner by using Feed summary burner. So using Feedburner is very risky for a site. And now I have decided to stop using Feedburner.

Should We Delete FeedBurner account?

The answer is absolutely not. Be careful about this. Feedburner has many problems but also has many positive sides. If you are using FeedBurner then your email list has grown up significantly. And if you delete your FeedBurner account and moved to new newsletter services then many existing users won’t noticed about it, As a result you may lose many subscriber from your current FeedBurner account. You can move to alternative free and paid feed service providers.

In concluding remark we shouldn’t use Feedburner anymore rather we should use alternative of feedburner for feed service. And for email subscriber we should use any third party newsletter service provider. However there are many free and paid newsletter service providers available over the net, I will come with them in my next articles. Stay tune for latest update and please subscribe to my new email list.
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