How to Make New PIN Request 2nd Time from Google AdSense?

Learn how to make a request for second PIN from Google AdSense for Address verification. If you failed to receive first PIN from Google then easily apply for second Pin payment address verification.
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Payment address verification is so important for new Google AdSense. After getting approval from Google AdSense first you have to generate minimum $10 by delivering your ads on website. After that you will able to make a PIN request for verifying your payment address. This is more significant those who want to receive payment through check after reaching minimum threshold. Even if you want to receive payment through Bank account then it required address verification.

But when you failed to receive your fist PIN number then you will feel fear on your mind that what will happen about my earnings? Will I able to receive payment or not?

The answer is pretty simple Yes! You will able to receive payment but before that you must request PIN to Google AdSense team for address verification.

If you are living in remote area then it may delay to receive your first PIN from Google AdSense. Not this issue arises only on remote area but also sometime you may fail to receive your first PIN for simple reasons. Suppose after applying for PIN you have changed the payment address or you have moved in different area then you will fail to receive your first PIN for payment address verification. As a result Google AdSense will hold your payment until you verify your address.

This is a simple issue but when my friend failed to receive her first PIN then he was little worried. For this reason I thought I should share a short guideline about requesting new PIN from Google AdSense.

Please go ahead through simple procedure to receive your second PIN from Google AdSense thus you can verify your address.

Step 1 First log into your AdSense account and click on Action button from PIN Hold red alert or visit and you will be directed on verify address page.

adsense payment hold

Step 2 Scroll down and locate Request new PIN box.  And click on it. A new page will open with confirmation that do you want to generate new PIN or not?

request new PIN

Step 3 Click Yes, generate and mail PIN button for receiving new PIN in your previously set address. However if you have recently moved to new address then simply click No, change my address first. There you will find option to change your mailing address.

change new address in AdSense

That’s it your New PIN will arrive within 3 to 4 weeks. Remember that you can send PIN request for maximum 3 times. If you failed to receive PIN three times then Google Adsense team will go through different address verification system. This requires your Photo ID, National ID or domestic Utility bills where bill is printed on your name.

This is not possible to get payment from Google AdSense until verifying your payment address. Other than if you again not succeed to receive your second PIN then apply for third PIN by following similar procedure.

Therefore don’t worry and be happy!!! Hope you would receive your second PIN as soon as possible and able to verify your address in AdSense account. Wish you best of luck.
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