How to a Perform Full Restore WordPress by Softaculous?

How to a Perform Full Restore WordPress by Softaculous?
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WordPress site's taking backup is very important but after taking backup we have to know how to restore the WordPress. Otherwise you will be unable to restore the whole site while required.


I have already share about taking backup your WordPress site by using Softaculous. And in this tutorial I will show you about restoring the WordPress  site from backup file from softaculous. This is very easy but this tutorial will be helpful for newbie. Just follow the below steps-

Step 1 First Log in to your WordPress cPanel
Step 2 Now scroll down and click on Softaculous (In some cPanel you will find WordPress as installer, so click on there).
Step 3 Now you will be headed to Scripts page. Now, you will see a list of the WordPress applications installed in your account via Softaculous.

Step 4 To restore your website from a Softaculous backup, first click the Backups & Restore button in the top right part of the page. You will be headed to WordPress files backup page.

backup and restore

Note that in some cPanel this Backup & Restore panel would be Black yellow and white color. So just concentrate on Backup & Restore option only not on color.

Step 5 Now, from the list find the backup you want to restore your site from, and click the Restore arrow button next to it.

restore button

Step 6 Another page will open and on this page put a check on both Restore Directory and Restore Database checkboxes in order to make sure you will restore your site completely. Finally, click on the Restore Installation button to complete the backup process.

restore installation

Please do not close or refresh your browser tab until the restoration process is finished.

Step 7 Finally, you will see a screen, confirming that your Backup has been restored successfully.

So this is the way to restore your WordPress site from backup file by using softaculous. I hope you will be easily take backup and restore your WordPress site. For any further query feel free to leave a comment below. 
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