How to Backup WordPress using Softaculous?

How to Backup WordPress using Softaculous?
WordPress Backup

Using any Blog platform required time to time backup otherwise you may lose your site data anytime. Every year many website lose their custom design and data because of unconsciousness. The main problem is site owners are not taking any backup of their WordPress site. So taking backup is essential for recover and restore our WordPress site from data lose. In addition, There are many reasons that we should take backup of our WordPress site such as,
  • Site maybe delete by service provider
  • site maybe corrupted or affected by virus
  • Transferring site from one platform to another etc.
In WordPress platform we can take backup various way. But this is little bit complicated for new users.

In this tutorial I will show you the manual way to take WordPress site full backup by using softaculous. Just follow the below manual steps-

Step 1 First Log in to your WordPress cPanel
Step 2 Now scroll down and click on Softaculous (In some cPanel you will find WordPress as installer, so click on there).
Step 3 Now you will be headed to Scripts page. Now, you will see a list of the WordPress applications installed in your account via Softaculous. In case you don't see your site listed here, probably it was not installed via Softaculous. And from there select WordPress.


Step 4 Under Overview tab scroll down and To begin the backup process, click on the yellow folder icon next to the site. 
backup directory

Step 5 Another page will open and on this page, you can select whether to backup only the WordPress Directory, only its Database or both. For identifying the backup file you can add a note to Backup Note field.
backup database

 Step 6 Then, simply click on the Backup Installation button at the bottom of the page.

backup installation

Step 7 Your WordPress site will be backup instantly. To download the Backup file click on Backups link.
backing up wordpress

Step 8  You will be redirected to backup page and from there Simply press the deep blue arrow icon to download it to your computer.

download backup file

That's all about WordPress backup. I hope now you can easily take backup of your WordPress site and restore the backup whenever you need.
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