Change WordPress Password via phpMyAdmin Tool

Change WordPress Password via phpMyAdmin Tool
reset wordpress password

WordPress password is the key to access to your WordPress site. There are many  hackers are try to hack website but we can change password randomly to make our site durable. If you change or reset your WordPress site's password it will be more secured for you and not any unknown user can access by hacking your site. We can change WordPress password from Dashboard easily but I will show you to reset WordPress password via phpMyAdmin tool in your hosting command panel.  

you can say why using phpMyAdmin? because we can easily change our WordPress password from dashboard. The answer is, We will use phpMyAdmin if we forget our WordPress password or any hacker hacked your WordPress site and  change the password thus you can't login to your site. In this case, we can easily reset or change password from phpMyAdmin tool and this will help to unlock your site from all kinds of unwanted issues.

Step 1 First Log in to your WordPress cPanel

Step 2 Now locate and enter into Online File Manager or File Manager under Files and scroll down for locating the wp-config.php file from your WordPress root directory


 Step 3 Right click on wp-config.php file and select View. after that find the below line

define('DB_NAME', 'bdarena_wp323');

database name

This line represent that your WordPress database. In my case it's database name bdarena_wp323 but in your case database name will be different.

Step 4 After finding the database name now from cPanel click on phpMyAdmin under Databases. It will be automatically redirect to phpMyAdmin page.


Step 5 Now click on your Database name that you have found in File Manager. 

enter into database

Step 6 Next, click on the SQL link in the top menu.


Step 7 Here, you need to enter the new password that will reset query. Just copy the below line and paste it there. And replace NEWPASSWORD with the actual new password you want to use.
UPDATE `wp_users` SET `user_pass` = MD5('NEWPASSWORD') WHERE `wp_users`.`user_login` = "admin_username";

reset password

Step 8 Once you done the task then click on the Go button in the bottom right corner of the screen to execute the query.

That's it now you can login to your WordPress site with you new password. Please follow all the steps carefully. And for further help feel free to write me.
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