How to Change WordPress Default Admin Username?

How to Change WordPress Default Admin Username?


Most of the WordPress site user get default name Admin as user. Whenever site owner try to sign in to their account then s/he has to use Admin as user. But this name is less secured for the users. Because there are many hacker try to hack WordPress site as a result first they try to hack WordPress  account with user name Admin. In this case if we use different user name other than Admin then our WordPress site will be more secured. In WordPress Dashboard you won't able to change Admin name but you can change Nickname and Display name.

In this tutorial I will show you the way to change WordPress default Admin user name with another secured name. And the whole process you have to do through WordPress cPanel.

Step 1 First Log in to your WordPress cPanel
Step 2 Now scroll down and click on phpMyAdmin under Databases.
Step 3 Another page will open. And from there click on Connect now! link. In some cPanel it will automatically connect and login with phpMyAdmin page.
connect to php
Step 4 Now locate the wp_users and click on it for Browse the page.
WordPress users
Step 5 If your site has several registered user then you will see a list of all the registered users in that page. Locate the admin username and click on the Edit link on that line.
edit admin
Step 6 Locate the user_login field and replace admin to your new preferred WordPress login name and hit the Go button at the bottom of the page.
change admin name
That's it, Now it's time to login with your new WordPress user name. So go to WordPress login page and select newly created WordPress username. This will make your WordPress site more secured.
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