How long it will take time to receive AdSense Payment?

How long it will take time to receive AdSense Payment

Google AdSense

New AdSense owner is not aware of the time frame that when they will receive payment after reaching the payment threshold. Generally in AdSense account minimum payment threshold is $100. 

And earlier AdSense owner only receives payment through Bank cheque. But to receive Bank cheque it will take minimum 2 months and after that, for cash out, it will take another 1/2 months. So this was a lengthy process to receive money. 

In addition, if you face any trouble to receive Bank Cheque then your payment will take extra time. So to complete the whole process until cash out it required 4/5 months. For this reason, many AdSense owners disappointed.

But there has an alternative way to receive payment from Google AdSense. Now you can get paid directly into your Bank account. This is the easiest and safest way to receive payment with the earliest possible time. If your AdSense payment set with wire transfer as primary payment system then you won't face hassle to get your payment. But many AdSense account holder doesn't know how long it will take to receive payment from AdSense? The simple answer is 1 week. Yes, Google AdSense is now sending payment within 1 week. And if you failed to receive a payment within 1 week you can inform Google AdSense and they will take proper steps for you.

But there has a provision that after reaching the payment threshold Google first validates your earnings for accuracy. And this process takes place the first week of every month based on the previous month's earnings. After that Google AdSense billing team will send payments a couple of weeks later, usually during the last week of the month.

In my case, Google sends me the payment 22 April 2015 and instantly Google AdSense send me an email notification about the payment. you can see the email from below image.

notification email

My primary payment system was Wire Transfer to Bank account and payment threshold was $100 so after reaching $100 every time Google will make payment directly in my Bank account within 1 week.

To see the details about AdSense payment just go through below steps-

Step 1: Go to AdSense account login page and Sign in there

Step 2: You will be directed to AdSense Home page and from there click on the blue colour View payments link from the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Under Payment History you will see the information about Payable earnings (latest earnings for payment), How you get paid (mode of payment) and Profile (your details address).

transaction history

Step 4: To see the Payment Bill just click on last Automatic payment: Wire transfer to bank account link. Now you will see the Payment Receipt from Google.

payment receipt

I hope now you are aware of your payment receiving time frame from Google AdSense. And remember that if you didn't receive your payment from Google within 1 week then you must inform Google AdSense team to get paid earlier. 

Thank you. 
Zahid Bin Abdur Rouf says: 7/02/2015

Thank you very much for sharing this post with snapshots. It is very helpful for those who earn through blog from Bangladesh and want to get paid after they reach the amount.

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 7/03/2015

Hi Zahid I just shared my personal experience. Hope other AdSense use will be benefited by this.

Unknown says: 4/23/2016

bhai bank a kobe ase taka ta?

Unknown says: 4/23/2016

ভাই এটা কি ব্যাংক এ অটো মেটিক জমা হয়ে যাই ? ।।

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 4/23/2016

Ha Bank account set kore rakhle automatic $100 joma hoyar sathe sathe Bank a send korbe. Dolor to local currency convert er jonno kico charge kete rakhe. But ata Bank wise vary kore. Bangladesh a kico Bank 200 taka charge kore abar kico Bank 500 taka charge kore.

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