How to observe Page view stats from Blogger Dashboard?

How to observe Page view stats from Blogger Dashboard?

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Blogger must know how many pages viewing readers every day. This is very important for improving your Blog traffic flow. Because without proper counting of page views you won’t able to know in what level your blog currently staying. Suppose you are getting daily 1000 page views and now you want to increase the total page views of your Blog. For this reason you have adopt some Search Engine Optimization technique and after that you have to observe every day page views that does it changed or not. If your page views have increases then you will understand that your SEO is working well. But if you see negative impact then you can change the SEO techniques.

A Blogger can identify their Blog’s growth by viewing the total daily page views. By observing the page views Blogger can understand about the performance of his/her Blog.

Most of the Blogging platform don’t have its own won’t page view stats tracker. So you have to depend on third party page stats tracker. But fortunately Blogger has its own page view tracker tool that integrated with Blogger account. So to check your daily page views just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 From Blogger Dashboard click on -> Overview 

Step 3 Now you will see the last 7 days page view is displaying. Under Updates locate Pageviews today you will find the today’s page view. You can see that my today’s total page view is 44,602

total page views

And this data will update time to time. To see the updated page view stats just refresh the page. After refresh the page my Blog's page view has increased to 44,709. You can see the stats from below image.

pageviews updates

Step 4 To see details about current pageview and previous pageview just click on more stats >> link.

So this is very easy to track your Blog pageviews from Blogger Dashboard. And I hope you will take proper step to improve daily page views after getting information from Blogger dashboard. 

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