Edit Site Information and Specific Country Rank on Alexa Site

Edit Site Information and Rank In Country on Alexa Site

All over the net main reliable and trustable Rank given by Alexa. Many user judge a site by watching the Alexa traffic rank. because Alexa able to judge traffic flow rank accurately. Previously I have share a tutorial to claim and verify your site in Alexa. And in this tutorial I will show you how we can edit our site information and Alexa traffic rank in specific country.

Site information means adding some information about your site on Alexa site. Such as Blog or Site Title, Description, Site owner information etc. And Alexa traffic rank in specific country means the country where you want to compete with others local site. Alexa provide 2 types of Traffic flow rank information Global Rank and Country specific rank. Suppose I am from Bangladesh so I am competing with other Bangladeshi website and Blog. So accordingly I will set my Ranking country on Alexa and it will show me country specific Rank.

Before proceed you must claim and verify your site on Alexa. If you didn't claim and verify you site then please visit the below link for tutorial.

After that please follow the below steps for Edit Site Information and Rank In Country on Alexa.

Step 1 Go to http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo and sign in there.

Step 2 Now click on My Dashboard  from top menu and You will see a box with your site Rank

Step 3 Again Click on Site Management drop down menu and select Claim Your Site.

site management

Step 4 It will redirect you in a new page. And from there click on edit your site information text link.

site info

Step 5 Now you will be directed to Site information page. So fill up the form by providing accurate information like Site Title, Description, Your Contact Information.

site information

Step 6 Under Alexa Traffic Rank in Country section select your country by using Drop Down option.

country rank

Step 7 Finally hit the Save Changes button from bottom of the page.

If you change your country then it will take minimum 2 days to index on Alexa and after that Alexa will able to display Traffic flow Rank. Now you can check your site Rank on Alexa and information on Alexa. It will show recently added information about your site and your contact information. You can also add your Site logo and links on Alexa but to do this you must upgrade your Alexa account to pro. 
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