How to Host JavaScript File on YourJavaScript Site?

How to Host JavaScript File on YourJavaScript Site?

JavaScript or JS file is widely used in Google Blogger for coding various widget. Mainly we use JavaScript for recent comment, Related post, Random post widget and Page navigation widget, but there are more scope to use JavaScript. Now the question is about site loading speed. If you add multiple JavaScript file on your site then your site will become heavy to load. However due to design and featuring purpose we use JavaScript and we have to use it, otherwise our site will be dull or monotonous.

So there is a way that we can make our site faster. And the way is hosting JavaScript file on third party site. So whenever your site will  load then JavaScript file also load from third party site at a time. This will help to make your site faster. So in this article I will show you the way to hosting a JavaScript file on third party site free of cost.

There are many user those who don't want to share their email by registering on third party site so for this reason I have selected one of most popular site  for free JavaScript hosting. In this site you don't have to register for hosting JavaScript. So continue the journey by go through the below steps-

Note that extension of JavaScript file is .js for example  jquery.flexslider.js

Step 1 Go to and under Upload Javascript file click on Browse Button.


Step 2 A popup windows will open and it will show your PC/Laptop Drive. So select Javascript file from your Hard Drive.

Step 3 Now you have options that you can make your javaScript file either Private or Public.  If you select option Private then put tick on checkbox. Because then javaScript file will work on your domain only. After clicking on checkbox a new field will expend for your domain name. However if you make it public then don't click on checkbox. Simply skip to Step 4.

Step 4 Now under Your email field write your email address where you want to receive hosted JavaScript file link.

js file upload

Step 5 After that write the Captcha under Verification field. And click on Upload button.

Step 6 After short process it will show a that JavaScript file has been uploaded and file link  will be sent to your email within 5 minutes. So check your email after 5 minutes.


Step 7 Now from your email address get the link and use it in your Blog or web Site

I hope you have clearly understand my tutorial If you have any more query then feel free to leave a comment below.Thank you. 
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