Where to get WordPress Domain and Hosting Free of Cost

Where to get WordPress Domain and Hosting Free of Cost

We knows that WordPress is an paid platform where if any user wants to use this platform then they have to spend money on it. This is absolutely true but there are many Domain and Hosting service provider will provide you everything free of cost. And you can easily create your WordPress site easily. You can think that free service provider will force you to display their advertisement on their site but don't worry you don' t have to display their advertisement on your site. Rather you can earn money from your WordPress site by adding third party advertisement. However a question may arise that should we use free WordPress hosting service or paid hosting service.

Why should new user should use free WordPress Hosting service?

New user of WordPress may not able to use it properly. Because there should be proper knowledge to operate the site smoothly. So in this case free hosting service provider plays a vital role. If you want to learn Wordpress appropriately then you should use it fist. Because practical experience is better than text based learning. In addition you can save your money, Not only on hosting as well as on domain.

Why should new user shouldn't use free WordPress Hosting service?

Though it has good site but there are also a dark site. You can't avail all professional features by using free WordPress Hosting service. Because they will give a trial to get experience about their hosting service. On the other hand, free service is not safe, because anytime your Wordpress site can be delete by the service provider. In addition you can't able to SEO features as well as custom email account.

From my point of view learn WordPress first by using free WordPress Hosting service and after that create your professional WordPress site on paid Hosting server. However I am sharing some best site where you will able to create your free WordPress site by using their Hosting service.

1. Bytehost

This is my favorite site and I often use this site to enrich my experience about Wordpress. You can easily install Wordpress by softaculous. Bytehost service will be like paid hosting service. Beside of this you can use their free 24 sub-domain service.

byet hosting
  • Bytehost service has the main features like:
  1. 1000 MB (one gigabyte!) Disk Space
  2. FTP account and File Manager
  3. Control Panel
  4. MySQL databases & PHP Support
  5. Free tech support
  6. Addon domain, Parked Domains, Sub-Domains
  7. Free Community Access (Forums)
  8. Clustered Servers
  9. No ads!
  10. https SSL on all free hosting domains. (self signed certificate)
  • Site Address: http://byethost.com/index.php/free-hosting

2. Free Hosting No Ads

This is another good WordPress hosting service provider. Without any force advertisement you can easily create your WordPress site on their server.

  • Free Hosting No Ads Hosting service has the main features like:
  1. 20 GB space
  2. 200 GB traffic
  3. 3 PHP Versions
  4. Free Site Builder
  5. POP3 Email Account
  6. Host Your Own Domain
  7. Free URL like You.t15.org
  8. No Forced Ads
  • Site Address: http://freehostingnoads.net/signup_form42.php

3. x10Hosting

This is also very good hosting service provider. They will also provide you free 5 sub-domain, you will love their sub-domain name. You get the immensely popular cPanel control panel, FTP, e-mail, and MySQL, as well as a host of other features. Another special service is that they have over 200 auto scripts installer.  

  • x10Hosting Hosting service has the main features like:
  1. Provides you private cloud hosting.
  2. Popular cPanel (Control Panel).
  3. Advanced versions of MySQL and PHP.
  4. No forced Ads on your website
  5. Provide R1Soft CDP Backup facility.
  6. Free website builder.
  7. x10Hosting  Also Offer secure OpenVPN browsing.
  • Site Address:  https://www.x10hosting.com/

4. Zymic

Zymic hosting provider will provide free professional service. Though They are providing their service freely but services are similar to paid and professional.

  • Zymic Hosting service has the main features like:
  1. Zymic  will provide total 6000 MB Disk space.
  2. 50GB Amount of bandwidth transfer per month
  3. Zymic Hosting Control Panel for easy management
  4. Unlimited Accounts
  5. You can host as many websites as you like!
  6. FTP Access  
  7. No Advertisements
  • Site Address: http://www.zymic.com/free-web-hosting/

5. WPNode

WPNode is one of the best free hosting service provider. You will get absolutely free WordPress hosting with No ADS and no extra or hidden fees. WPNode server is lightning fast with strong security. In addition they provide Ninja support.

wp node
  • WPNode Hosting service has the main features like:
  1. Unlimited WordPress sites for users
  2. Total 5GB SSD storage
  3. Unlimited data transfer
  4. 1GB email based on Roundcube
  5. WPNode provide Free global CDN by CloudFlare
  6. Special Preconfigured W3 Total Cache plugin
  7. You can Manage your database via phpMyAdmin
  8. User will able to Upload & Download files via SFTP
  • Site Address: http://wpnode.net/free-wordpress-hosting/

6. Biz.nf

This hosting service provider provide usual service. I have used this service before. But have some limitations. Such as I can't upgrade WordPress version. Sometimes service getting down. So for testing purpose you can use this service. They will provide 2 sub-domain name. Those are short so anybody can easily remember.


  • Biz.nf Hosting service has the main features like:
  1. They will provide 250 MB web space
  2. Monthly 5000 MB of data transfer
  3. 1-Click WordPress Install
  4. FREE domain name (.co.nf)
  • Site Address: http://www.biz.nf/free-wordpress-hosting.php
So those are all free hosting site that I have got. If you know any other free hosting service provider then let us know. I will include it in my Post. And Thanks for being with us. 
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