Index Multiple Site in same Google Webmaster Tools Account

Index Multiple Site in same Google Webmaster Tools Account

Google Webmaster Tools is a most powerful free tools where site owner can index their site and content link. As well as they can optimize the visibility in search engine. In addition  webmaster can index, remove, promote,  demote link by using Google webmaster tools. Site owner can easily find broken link, Crawl error, Search query from Google webmaster tools.  So for better site visibility a site owner must use Google Webmaster tools.

Many Blog owners are using two Blogging Platform like Blogger and WordPress. So you can easily index your Google Blogger and WordPress site under same Google Webmaster Tools Account. But additionally you have verify your site.

However getting access to all this staff you must register with Google Webmaster tools. And for registering simply you need a Gmail account. If you have already a Google or Gmail account then you can easily access by signup, however if not then simply create a Gmail account and after that go through the below steps-

Step 1 Go to and sign in with a Google account. You will be redirected your site index page.

Step 2 Now click on Add A Site button from top right corner.

index site

Step 3 A popup window will be visible. So write your website’s URL and hit the continue button.

site name

Step 4 Now page will forward to site verification section.  You can simply verify your site by Using Different Method. But the best and easiest way is verifying site with HTML tag. After verifying your site check in your site index list in Webmaster.

site indexed

If you would like to index more site then simple follow the above steps again. Hope by following this tutorial you can easily index multiple WordPress and Blogger site on same Google Webmaster tools account. And this will help your site to get better visibility in Google search engine. for further help feel free to write me. 
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