How To Find Your Facebook ID or Facebook Admin ID Easily?

How To Find Your Facebook Admin ID Easily?
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Facebook is most popular platform in social media sector because of its many features and social plug-in. There are zillions of website and Blog owner using Facebook social plug-in for tailoring their site. While we do blogging then we need to add Facebook Like box, Facepile, Activity Feed, Recommendation Feed and many more. So every where need to add Facebook Admin ID. Because without this Facebook can't detect your site's fan page as a result facebook Social Plugin won't work properly.

On the other hand many blogger change their Facebook Admin ID with name. In that case you won't able to find out the Facebook Admin ID easily.

So in this tutorial I will show you how easily we can find the Facebook Admin ID for further use in various social plugin.

How to get Facebook Admin ID from Browser Address bar?

This is the basic way to find out the Facebook Admin ID. This is for newbie.

Step 1 Simply open your Facebook page in browser and look at the Browser address bar.

Step 2  And find the ID.

web browser

Step 3 After that simply copy the ID for further use.

How to get Facebook Admin ID from Facebook Page?

If you have already changed your facebook ID with name then this tutorial will be appropriate. Simply follow the below steps.

Step 1 Log in to your Facebook Account  and Go to your Fan Page

Step 2 Click on Now click on -> Settings -> Page Info

page setting

Step 3 Now scroll down and find Facebook Page ID at the bottom of page.

How to get Facebook Admin ID from Facebook?

There are another way that we can find out our Facebook Admin ID. This feature has released by Facebook officially. Simply follow the below steps-

Step 1 Copy the below line
Step 2 Replace username with your Facebook Page name
  • For example-

Step 3 Now paste the code in any web browser and press Enter button from Keypad.

Step 4 Your Facebook Admin ID will display like below. so copy the ID for further use.


How to get Facebook Admin ID from Third party site?

We can alternatively use third party site for finding Facebook ID or Admin ID.

Step 1 Login to your Facebook profile page and copy the URL from Browser Address bar.

Step 2 It should be something like so copy the link.
  • For example-

Step 3 Now go the and Paste that URL into Find My Facebook ID.

Step 4 Finally hit the Lookup numeric ID button and your Facebook Admin Id will generate.

That’ll do it!

Hope this tutorial will be very helpful for finding your Facebook Admin ID or Page ID thus you can use it in various Facebook social plugins. Thank you. 
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