How to Create and Use WordPress Categories?

How to Create and Use WordPress Categories and sub-categories?
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Creating post in WordPress or any other platform without any category will make your post scatter. Your Blog visitors and readers even you won't able to search the post  quickly. But if you post your WordPress content under category then anybody can search the post easily and that will be more manageable for you. In addition readers can understand the subject of your post.

Generally in Blogger platform we label a post under different category but this is known as Label. Similarly in WordPress platform for labeling a post we use Category. So in this tutorial we will learn how we can create new Category and group our WordPress post under different category.

How to create WordPress categories?

Creating a new Category in WordPress Blog is very easy. Just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Log in to your WordPress account and go to Dashboard 

Step 2 And access on the Posts -> Catgories from WordPress Dashboard.


Step 3  On the left side Under Add New Category fill the Category name.

Step 4  On Slug field write category version with lowercase. It will be used in the category URLs. For example: I have written the category name WordPress Tutorial but the category URL will be under Slug means wordpress.

add new category

Step 5  Finally hit the Add New Category button from bottom of the screen.

That's it you WordPress Category has created. Now you can see your new category at the right side of the screen.

How to create WordPress Parent and Sub-categories?

After creating a category you can convert this category under a Parent category. Again follow the above Step 1 to Step 4 to create category and in addition just follow the below steps-

Step 5 Under Parent section click on Dropdown option and select any Parent Category name.
For example I have selected Tutorials as Parent category. So now WordPress Tutorial is sub-category.

parent category

Step 6  Finally hit the Add New Category button from bottom of the screen.

You can see your Parent and sub-category at the right side of the screen.

How to assign posts to categories?

After creating a Category, parent category and sub-category now it's time to assign the post under newly created category. The following steps might be helpful for you-


Step 1 Create a New Post on WordPress blog and complete the writing.

Step 2 Now Put tick under Category option from right side bar of writing panel. For using multiple category put tick on more Category option.

assign category

Step 3  Finally hit the Publish button from top right corner of the writing panel.

That's all your  WordPress post has assigned with category. Now WordPress category will help you to group your post easily. 
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