How to Change Blog Title and Blog Description from Layout?

How to Change Blog Title and Blog Description from Layout

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Blog Title represent the name of the Blog site and description gives an small idea about Blog content. Generally Blog Title always placed at the top left of the site with Big font and description placed below of Blog Title with comparatively small font. When we create a Blog then first we have to write a suitable  Blog name which is also known as Blog Title. But many new user think that this is fixed and can't be change manually. This is absolutely wrong idea. I have mentioned in many post that Blogger is most flexible and popular free blogging platform where we can do almost everything. So easily we can change the Blog Title and Description at the backend from Blogger Layout. In addition we can write any Title and any description whatever we like. Suppose your domain name but you can write in Blog Title field  SpiceBlogger. This is really simply but quite significant tutorial. So please follow the below steps to change the Blog Title and Blog Description.

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Click on Now click on -> Layout. 

Step 3 Click Now edit Blog Header by clicking on -> Edit. A popup window will open.

Blog Header

Step 4 Now change the Blog Title and Description with your own desire.

configured header

Step 5 Finally hit the Save button from bottom of the popup window.

Now check your Blog and see the result. Your Blog Title is showing with new name as well as description will also change if you have write any. However if you don't like the current changes then you can again go through the same steps from above and edit them according to your own word.

Note that this changes won't affect your Blog name and Description on Search Engine. but if you want to add your Blog's new Title and Description then you have to change it from Blog setting. To do this you following Tutorial link might be helpful for you.

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