How to add custom logo in Blogger

details tutorial to add custom logo in Blogger
blogger logo

Logo represent Brand ID of any blog or website. As well as this is the identity of a site image to make great impact on readers mind. We often see website with attractive logo and whenever we see the logo then a invisible figure come in our mind. Because after viewing the logo visitor can easily isolate a site.
As a blogger  platform user we have all freedom to do anything in blog site. Because blogger platform is most flexible blogging platform. Blogger can upload custom logo by following some simple steps. Before going to tutorial we should know which type of logo is best for blog?

Most of the new user think that logo should be with complicated sign and more complicated means more professional. but this is wrong idea. If you see most popular brand in real life majority are using simply text based logo. So my suggestion is to choose text based logo with simple symbol that should be understood by your blog visitors. in addition most important part is, you should create logo which is similar to your blog niche, also match with your blog template color. For example: for educational site education based logo appropriate, similarly for blogging site blog based logo appropriate. And you should confirm that your logo carrying a message for your readers.

Recommended dimensions for blogger logo are 320 x 100 pixels. However blogger will shrink the logo automatically if larger than recommended image size used. The logo you upload can be in either PNG or GIF format. Also the file size must not exceed 30KB.

In addition, for better resolution create logo with Adobe Illustrator as well as you can use Adobe Photoshop. But for creating logo Illustrator is best software. If you can't create logo by yourself then you can hire a graphics designer for creating logo.

Now we will see how we can add custom logo in our blogger template. Our main objective is that we will hide the usual blogger title, description and instead of those we will display custom logo on blog left header section.

Step 1 Sign in to your blogger account and go to blogger dashboard

Step 2 On Blogger Dashboard Click ->Settings -> Layout

Step 3 Now Look through the Header gadget in Layout section. Generally you will find it at the top of the layout section.

blog header

Step 4 Click on Edit link from Header gadget.

Step 5 From popup window in Image section click on From your computer radio button. After that 

click on Choose File and locate your logo on PC. Next select image and click on Open button.

select logo

Step 6 You logo is displaying in Header configuration window. Now from Placement select second 

radio button where written Instead of title and description. This option will enable you to hide the 

previous title and description text from your blog header.

logo customize

Step 7 Finally hit the Save button. And also click on Save Arrangement (Top right) from Layout section.

Check your blog now to see the logo. Looking forward to this tutorial will help you to add custom logo on Google blogger. However you have need any consultation about logo you can leave message below. Hopefully I will reply you as soon as possible. 
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