How to upgrade WordPress default themes?

How to change theme version of WordPress default themes?

update WordPress

To cope with latest things we must upgrade the older things with new. In case of WordPress site we must upgrade our themes, site regular basis. Becaue if we don’t upgrade then our site won’t run smoothly. And sometime latest plugins don’t work in backdated themes. In addition user should know that 80% WordPress site hacked only for not upgrading their site. So we should update WordPress default theme to run it smoothly.  WordPress user get more flexibility to upgrade their themes. Because users don’t have to upload theme file manually. So its bit easy to upgrade default WordPress theme. The following tutorial might help you to upgrade your WordPress default template.

Step 1 Log in to your WordPress account and go to Dashboard 

Step 2 Click on ->Appearance ->Themes you will see your installed theme.

update available

Step 3 Update Available text bar will appear at the top of the template thumbnail. So click on it.

Step 4 A new page will open with Update details information. And now click on update now link

update available

Step 5 A warning message will appear. Click on OK button now.

If you have customized your WordPress default theme then you will lose your customized theme.

Step 6 Now your theme will update successfully. And finally click on Activate link to make it live.

update theme

If you check your themes thumbnail on WordPress dashboard then you will see Update Available text bar has disappeared. That means your current theme has successfully upgraded with newer version of theme. Though this is very simple to upgrade WordPress default theme. However the problem is about customization. If any user already customized them then they will lose the customized designed. However updating the themes will not bring complete change on coding. You can simply customize it again.
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