WordPress Login Tips and Hacks

Where is my WordPress Login URL

New user of WordPress often face problem to log into their WordPress account. Because it is little bit hard to remember the login URL, even some user forget the login URL and contact with hosting service provider to know the login info which is often time killing task. Without login user can't access into WordPress  Dashboard and write new content or any kinds of task. So I will share the different facts to find WordPress login URL that we can log into our account easily. Though this article for Beginner's but essential for all types of WordPress users.

How users can directly Login to WordPress account?

For using WordPress user have to install it in a hosting service provider. and after installation user will get a login address or URL. However you have to add /signin/, /login/,  /admin/ or any kinds of word for login.  you can directly access in your WordPress account by visiting below URL:

  • www.your-domain-name.com/admin/
  • www.your-domain-name.com/wp-admin/
For example:

  • www.bloggerspice.com/signin/
  • www.bloggerspice.com/login/
  • www.bloggerspice.com/admin/
All URL will take you in your login page. In some exceptional case you won't able to access login page by this way. It often happen when your hosting site configured with not allowed option. But don't worry you can use the generic login system by visiting the below URL:
  • www.your-domain-name.com/wp-login.php
  • www.your-domain-name.com/login/
For example:
  • www.bloggerspice.com/ wp-login.php
  • www.bloggerspice.com/login/

How to login if WordPress Installed on a sub-domain?

Most of the users become confuse If WordPress installed on a sub-domain. So in this case user can access the login page like below:
  • your-sub-domain.example.com/login/
  • your-sub-domain.example.com/wp-login.php
For Example
  • blog.bloggerspice.com/login/
  • blog.bloggerspice.com/wp-login.php
in example I have used blog as sub-domain and bloggerspice is my main domain. So you would be able to login to your sub-domain by following above instruction. However in previously logged in your account and login session expired then you will redirected to login page again.   


How to Bypass Login by using Remember Me option or Plugin

This is often irritating to login by using user name and Password because you have to type same thing repeatedly. But you can bypass WordPress login page by using a simple option. so first enter into login page by using appropriate URL. and write Username and Password. You would see there is a checkbox labeled Remember me. Put tick by clicking on this box during login. in future you will easily bypass login page and it will allow you to directly access the admin area. This trick will work until cleaning your browsers cookie. But this option work for few days so you can also use a Plugin. Most popular Plugin name Always Remember Me and this will help you to always checked Remember Me checkbox on login page and longer auth cookie expiration. You don't have to remember your blog rather your blog will remember you. you can download this WordPress plugin by visiting below link.
  • http://wordpress.org/plugins/always-remember-me/

remember me

Hope this article will help you to solve your access problem into your WordPress site. Beside this if you have any idea then you can share with us.
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