Adding Watermark to WordPress Images Automatically

How to Automatically Add Watermark to Images in WordPress

WordPress is a superior Blogging platform where blogger can do everything whatever they like. Because it has most powerful and biggest pluging directory. For this reason WordPress is using for the purpose of personal and professionals. There are many photographers and artists to showcase their portfolio which is containing original photos and images. And that can be steal by others easily. Because those photos can be use by other user without taking permission of the original authors. But original author won't be noticed about this matter. This is a biggest problem in protecting rights of the images.

However we can protect our image by adding watermark or logo in images by using different Photo Editing software, but the whole process is manual. And you can't do it within shortest time if your blog containing thousands of image. There are a great solution about this factor which is adding watermark on image automatically. Obviously we can add watermark in every WordPress images by adding a Plugin which is known as Easy Watermark. By the help of this plugin whenever you add any image in your Blog post Easy Watermark plugin will a add your preset watermark on images. However if you have already added many images on your wordpress blog then you can also easily add watermark on existing images manually. This procedure can be done either at once or singly.

There are many watermark plugin over the net such as Watermark, Watermark WP Image Protect, Watermark Hotlink Protection, Watermark Reloaded. But Easy Watermark is best among them. So I will explain here the way to use Easy Watermark Plugin for adding Watermark on WordPress Images.

Why Easy Watermark Plugin?

This plugin support 3 type of image for watermark such as- jpg, png or gif. It will give full support for transparency and alpha channel in png and gif files. You can also change the opacity of the text such as 0 to 100%. As well as you can change text color and 25 type different size (medium, large and full-size etc). Fortunately this plugin is currently supporting translation features. You can translate your text into Polish, French, Spanish and Russian.

How to Use Easy Watermark Plugin?

First of all you have to get the plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory and after Installation just activate the plugin. You can also

Step 1 Go to WordPress DashBoard and  Settings-> Easy Watermark

watermark setting

Step 2 Under General Tab select necessary options like Auto Watermark, Image Types, Image Sizes, Watermark Type etc. And press Save Changes button.

easy watermark

Step 3 Under Image tab select any image that you want to use as watermark. And finally press Save Changes button.


Step 4 Under Text tab write your website name or any text that will appear on your Blog image. You can also change the text color and size. After necessary changes press Save Changes button.

text watermark

That's it now  all of your new post will appear with your preset watermark.

How to add Watermark on Old Images at once?

We have learned about applying watermark on older images. But now I will show you how we can add watermark on our existing Blog images by one click. This process is totally automatic process. But you must be careful about your old Blog images. If some images already has watermark or containing any logo then it will be added though. So for adding watermark on existing blog image please follow the below tutorial.

Step 1 Go to WordPress Dashboard and go to Media ->Easy Watermark

Easy Watermark

Step 2 Now press Add Watermark to all images button.

add watermark

Step 3 A warning message will show that You are about to watermark all images in the library. This action can not be undone. Are you sure you want to do this? Click on Proceed button.

That's it now check your website or Blog that watermark is appearing on all of your older Blog images.

Adding Watermark on single Image Manually

Now we will learn that how we can add watermark to each image manually. Suppose in your older images you have added some logo or watermark by using Photo editing software. So except those images you can add watermark. Just follow the below simple steps-

Step 1 From WordPress Dashboard go to Settings-> Easy Watermark

Step 2 Now uncheck the option next to Automatically add watermark to images

Step 3 Now Go to Media->Library and mouse over on single image.

Step 4 Some new options will appear with Add watermark text link, so click on it.


That's it now check your image and see water mark has appeared.

I hope this article will help you to protect your image from image thief. And this is a great way to show text on image without permanent tag. If any issue arise for implementing this tutorial just feel free leave a message below. 
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