Show own photo on Posts, Comments, Forum by using Globally Recognized Avatar

Gravatar: Show Your Photo on Blog Comments, Posts and Web Forums

If we make comment on Blog Posts, Comment section or in web Forum then generally our images not displaying. Instead of own image some website display avatar. And it changes site to site. Many Blog, Forum don’t publish from unknown commentator. So we have to make comment this way thus our own image will display after making comments. Comments with commentator image will make it more reliable and acceptable. Because it contain identity of the commentators.

You may hear about Gravatar which can help you to display your image when you make comments on other blog. Even you are using Google Blogger but commenting on WordPress blog then your image will be visible after making comment by the help of Gravatar.

What is Gravatar?

Actually Gravatar used for displaying image while commenting on other Blog, Web Forums etc. But you have to register before and include photo in Gravat. Originally Gravatar means Globally Recognized Avatar. And it belongs to WordPress.

my avatar

Why should we use Gravatar?

We should use Gravatar for several reason. But mostly we should use for the following reason-
  • Gravatar help to display image so your comment recognition will be prior.
  • Constant commenting by using Gravatar may divert traffic. Because visitors from other blog may feel interest. 
  • In comment section your image visibility may improve the relationship between you and authors.

How to setup Gravatar?

Before setting up Gravatar you have to get a good quality photo but small size. It’s better to have photo in png format. And choose common photo which you generally used in all of your sites, including social media. For setting up avatar just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Go to and enter your email address. Click on Create Your Own Gravatar.

create Gravatar

Step 2 Now signing up page will appear with form. Just fill up the form with Username and Password. And finally press the Signup button and If you are using Google Blogger platform then its better to use your Google Blogger email address.

Step 3 You will receive a confirmation email from Gravatar site in your mail box. So open the email and Click on Activate Account. And it will show message Your account has been activated!

Step 4 Now Click on Sign in to Gravatar button and it’s time to manage Gravatars. You can also modify your given email address or by clicking on add a new email link.

Step 5 From top right corner mouse over on your Gravatar image and click on Add an Image.

add image

Step 6 You will get several options for uploading your image. Just click on My Computer’s Hard Drive. And click on Choose File to select your photo from Hard Drive. And finally click on Next Button.

Step 7 By default image size will be 80px X 80px. But you can crop and rate your image easily. Don’t worry its very simple and a built in feature will help you to crop your image. And Click on Crop and Finish! Button.

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi

Step 8 In this time you have to choose your photo rating. In terms of rating select G rated box. Because this means your photo is suitable for all viewers.

photo rating

Now your Gravatar is ready to use. Whenever you make a comment on a Blog or forum then it will display your Gravatar image.

manage gravatar
After set up the Gravatar you can setup My Profile Section on Gravatar. Just Sign in to your Gravatar account and click on My Profile Tab. And under that tab you will find several link to fill up like Name and details, Photo Gallery, Websites, Background, Contact Information and Verified Services.  So click one by one link and provide your details information. After that press the Save Profile button. Though that is all optional but you should fill up to complete your profile. Because after making comments on other Blog and Forum if you mouse over on your Gravatar image then it will display an option to view your complete profile. And complete profile will make your account trust able.

My Profile

If you are facing trouble to set your Gravatar then feel free to leave a comment below. I will help your to set up.
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