AdSense Optimization: How to optimize News Blog or website by Ad Units?

AdSense Optimization: How to optimize News Blog or website by Ad Units?
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Google AdSense users expect to generate more revenue form their site. For this reason they many webmaster or site owner try to follow many tips and tutorial. But you have to know that AdSense revenue may vary site to site. If you just follow and implement one tips for all types of site then result of revenue won’t always positive. So different site needs to be follow different strategy for increasing revenue. Formerly I have shared that how we can optimize a Blog or website site for generating more revenue and now this time I will explain how a news site or Blog can generate more revenue from AdSense ads.

Optimize homepage of News Blog or website

A homepage or landing page is very important for any site. So we have to optimize this for Google AdSense wisely. And in case of News blog and website optimization system would be little different.

news homepage

For all kinds of blog homepage prefer larger ad unit which should be above the fold that able to attract visitors easily. For home page you can place 728x90 leaderboard ad format for 2 column site and 300x250 medium rectangle ad format for 3 column website. In addition for better monetizing place Adsense for search box next to the top navigation bar which can generate more revenue.

Optimize Category page of News Blog or website

By clicking on Blog/website label/category can see the category page. A category page can be different. Sometime we can design it in 3 column, I mean content page at the middle with left and right sidebar. You can Place 728x90 leaderboard ad format at the top (below navigation) of the category page and a 300x250 medium rectangle ad unit on the left-hand side bar and above the fold. We know that another most recommended Ad size is 160x600 wide skyscraper ad unit and you can place this on the right hand sidebar. And don’t forget to add Adsense for search box next to the top navigation bar.

news category page

Optimize Content page of News Blog or website

Content page is very important to generate revenue. We can add most popular ads unit on content page. If you are using square size image for posts then you can embedded 300x250 medium rectangle into the content page. Because it will display beside of your post image. Beside of this add two 468x15 link units below the title and end of the post body. Alternatively you can place the leaderboard 728x90 leaderboard or 468x60 banner ad unit below of post title and end of the post according to the post content body width.And obviously 160x600 wide skyscraper ad unit place at the right hand sidebar of the page. In addition don’t forget to add an Adsense for search box next to the top navigation bar.

news content page

Hope this guideline will help to monetize your news site and you would able to generate more revenue. If you have any query or any suggestion to add something with this tips then feels free to share with us. 
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