How to do Free or Bartered Blog Syndication

How to do Free or Bartered Blog Syndication
content syndication

Generally Blog articles produce for publishing on blog. And behind this there maybe various purposes such as, frequent blog update, diverting traffic, attracting advertiser, reference, promotional material and a lot more.

But blogger can easily spread their voice by syndicating their article. Many of you may think what is syndicate? I think bookish definition is useless if you don’t understand. So I am giving an example. We see show on TV, some are live and some are from achieve. Those show broadcast second time on television then we can say it comes from Achieve.

Similarly, in case of article you can republish in some website where you can easily divert traffic or build your own community. In this case you don’t have to give extra effort because you are just republishing your post after publishing it on your blog or website.

There are 3 ways you can syndicate your blog. Those are as follows
  • Free or Bartered Blog Syndication
  • Ad-supported Blog Syndication
  • Licensed Blog Syndication
But as a blogger I will focus on Free or Bartered Blog Syndication where we can republish our article in another site.

There are many website those who re-publish others article in exchange of little charges. But I won’t go for any paid service. As a blogger I will share with you some free site where you can syndicate your article by republishing.

1. SlideShare

slideshareThe number one site in sharing slide is SlideShare. There millions of slides shared by visitors. Its subscriber increasing day by day. Some site can receive huge traffic that can make your blog popular quickly. The main purpose of SlideShare is to share slide of employees
in online. SlideShare supports documents, videos, webinars and PDFs.
  • Site Address:  

2. WikiHow

wiki howMass popular site with huge contributors. This is containing rich database about guidelines or instructions to do a particular stuff. This site is similar to eHow site because founder of tow site was same but later this site was acquired by Demand Media. WikiHow‘s main intention to build world’s largest manual on “how to things”.
  • Site Address:    

3. HubPages

hubpagesIf we talk about a huge traffic site then HubPages will come first. The member of HubPages called hubbers. Where every hubbers can own domain and can publish article in magazine style that call hubs. You would find many facility like publish article with own ownership, embed videos, give links etc. By sharing your article on hubpages you can divert big chunk of traffic.
  • Site Address:  

4. eHow

ehowI think most of the blogger knows about this site name. They republish topic from various sources. But major writer are come from freelance site. The best topic for this site is “step-by-step” article which will cover top to bottom of any topic or subject. If your article is accepted then you can get paid by them.
  • Site Address: 


examinerExaminer accept article from little skilled contributor who has good knowledge about any local area’s event. This site is focus on media related local news. So if your article is about local events then it will easily accept your article.
  • Site Address:  

6. How to Do Things

hwo to do thingsThis site accept article about on Job information, product information, Politics, Pet, advice and health issues and the issue that how to do things. If your article is about how to do a specific topic then this site will publish your article.
  • Site Address: 

7. How Stuff Works

how stuff worksThis site is quite similar with How to do Things site. But this site will explain How stuff works. You will find enormous number of topics on computers, engines, machinery, Brain games and many more. The main attraction of this site that It provides illustrations and videos to make topic simpler.
  • Site Address: 

8. Instructables

instructablesSpecializes in “do it yourself” (DIY) type article.And visitors can comment and rate article. Instructables website provide a great deal of valuable guide. If you have done something by yourself and instruct them others then your contribution will welcome by Instructables.
  • Site Address:  

9. Issuu

issuuYou can easily upload materials in Issuu and integrates these uploads to various social networking sites for promotional purposes. This is just sharing some media file for others who can download it later. Upload and publication are free of charge. However a user can create pro account with little fees.
  • Site Address:

10. Scribd

scribdScribdis is biggest competitor of Issuu and some similar site. You can upload different document and embed on this site in iPaper format. You can add huge database related articles and documents in Scribdis. Basically this site is about online book publication where a writter can republish their book. And you can use any smart device to read book.
  • Site Address:  
Blogger always hope to share their content among various site. Sharing with social media site is normal phenomenon but syndicating will open a new door to divert traffic as well as to grow your blog rapidly. And business blog can utilize this trick to conduct their online business smoothly.
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